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There are many countries where whisky / whiskey is produced; America, Japan, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, Canada, England, Wales, and so many more. Each has its own characteristics and flavour profiles, and it’s well worth trying them all if you can to see what your palate prefers.



So, Whisky / Whiskey for Beginners, you want to start drinking Whisky. It’s a pretty versatile drink and caters to many tastes. It also makes you look cool and sophisticated, so what’s not to love?

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Where else in the world produces whisky? If the bottle were to be labelled “whisky”, then it could have been distilled in Scotland, Canada, India or Japan. These are only the more common whisky producers amongst many others; however, there are several more countries, including England, Norway, South Africa, Austria, Sweden, Wales, France, Belgium and Taiwan, that also produce whisky.
What is best brand of whisky in India? There are lots of great brands of whisky in India, although there can be some variation in quality. Often what passes as “whisky” in India can be a cheap, molasses based spirit that wouldn’t pass quality control in Scotland. But there are also some exceptionally good Indian whisky brands like Paul John, Amrut and Blender’s Pride.

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