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Yet another brilliant example of Dutch Whisky from the Zuidam Distillery, this is a malt packed with flavour.

The Brand

If you’ve not heard of Millstone, don’t worry. They aren’t that well known. The problem is, they are so damn good, they should be. And their MillStone Special 14 will definitely prove it.

Millstone is the Whisky branch of Zuidam Distillery, in Baarle-Nassau, in the Netherlands.

They were founded in 1975 and thrived in the 80s, specialising in Gin and Jenever.

Today they are operated by Gilbert and Patrick, sons of the distillery’s founder, Fred van Zuidam.

Patrick is the Master Distiller there, and boy can he crank out a very fine Whisky.

The Millstone Special 14 American Oak Moscatel Finish Dutch Whisky


This Millstone Special 14 American Oak Moscatel Finish Dutch Whisky is a shining example of what happens when Whisky is done right. When innovation and craftsmanship come together. It is a god amongst drams.

Ok, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it is still an amazing Whisky.

It has been matured in American oak barrels that once held Moscatel sherry, which is a very sweet, fortified wine.

The results speak for themselves.

Tasting notes for the MillStone Special 14 American Oak Moscatel Finish Dutch Whisky

The nose opens with orchard fruits and pastry, with a light hint of smoke and lots of sweetness.

Caramel and honey run riot on the nose, with cherry blossom and dew covered grass.

The palate is soft and mellow, with more herbal notes. It is fresh and crisp.

More apples and pears come through, with big notes of orange and lemon. The citrus fruits and tangy and really brighten it up. Pastries and lots of thick black treacle, with a soft oak wood complement the tart, freshness of the fruits.

The finish is bold, with huge notes of oak wood, vanilla and apples to end

If you want to impress at your next Whisky tasting day, then grab a bottle of Millstone Special 14 American Oak Moscatel Finish Dutch Whisky. It will not fail to awe your drinking buddies.

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