Teeling Chinese Red Wine Cask Finish Irish Whiskey Review

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There is no end of Whiskey that has been matured in wine casks – whether its madeira, sherry or a simple red – it’s all been done before. Except this time, when Teeling Distillery in Ireland got together with Kanaan Winery in China.

the brand

Teeling Distillery was the first to open in Dublin in 125 years. The family’s involvement in the Whiskey industry actually stretches back to the 1700s, but went out of business.

It was recently revived by brothers Jack and Steven, who based their new distillery in the Newmarket area of Dublin, near where their ancestors had built theirs.

The brand is seeking to breath new life in to the Irish Whiskey industry and this release is doing just that.

In partnership with Kanaan Winery in China, Teeling have created a dram matured in casks that once held the winery’s Pretty Pony wine. This is an award-winning blend of merlot and cabernet sauvignon with a 2013 vintage.

The barrels are made up of both French and Hungarian oak, which imparts a wonderful wooded flavour.

The release is aimed at affluent Chinese drinkers and was released in 2017 to celebrate Chinese New Year.

the malt

The release is exceptionally fruity and rich.

It opens with a nose of plums and apricots, with a lovely vanilla undertone.

The vanilla is creamy and thick, with a slightly caramelised note to it.

The palate is dense with flavour. Lots more fruits come in and there is a gentle smoothness to the mouth feel.

The oak of the barrels is also there, with lots of wooded qualities. Vanilla and caramel with a hint of cinnamon also comes from this flavour.

The finish is bold, with lots of sweet notes and a nod towards warming oak flavours.

This is a truly innovative and exciting release from Teeling. It puts them on the map as one to watch and stands out as an exceptional release on its own.

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