Review: Spey Trutina Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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The Speyside Distillery is found in the rolling hills of Drumguish, deep in the heart of, as the name would suggest, the Speyside region of Scotland.

They are surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenes in Scotland, which come with the territory when you’re based in the Cairngorms National Park.

This is a truly outstanding setting, and makes for the perfect home to create some fantastic drams.

Spey have a long history and part of that history involves Lord Byron, perhaps most famous for his Romantic poetry.

Byron is said to have sent King George III Spey Whisky when he got married.

This legend is now being celebrated through the distillery’s release of two new expressions, Spey Fumare and Spey Trutina, as both of these names are Latin, language Byron was very fond of.

Trutina, meaning “balance”, refers to the well rounded character of this expression and evokes the kind of image that the Speyside Distillery are trying to capture.

This dram is light on the nose, with more than a hint of white wine.  It is fresh and clean, with a nice crisp edge to it.

The crispness gives you something to really get into and catch immediately. After this comes a more delicate, floral scent, with the slightly sweet tones of white chocolate.

Alongside the more floral flavours is a great fruity note. This ties in well with the white wine aroma and makes for a well-rounded nose.

This flavours take on more character on the palate, where they are able to flex and breath.

The white chocolate becomes more developed, with a slightly vanilla taste to it. It is joined by some ripe bananas and apricots that give a deliciously fruity flavour.

These crate a creamy texture in the mouth feel that goes hand in hand with the sweetness of the body.

The crisp white wine taste lingers throughout and goes well with the fruit flavours.  The more delicate floral notes fade away as the palate goes on and give way for the White Chocolate to really take over.

The finish is light and fresh, with the chocolate playing out until the last.

This is a great dram from the Speyside Distillery and can only spell good things for the brand.

Its goes well with Fumare, the first peated expression from Speyside, and it will be interesting to see just where the brand goes from here.

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