Pinhook Straight Bourbon Whiskey Bourbon Country Review

Kentucky is known for its Bourbon and its horses; this brand is bringing them both together with the Pinhook Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Bourbon Country.

Pinhooking Bourbon and Horses

A term often used in the world of horse racing, pinhooking means to buy a young horse and raise it until it is ready to race and then selling it.

You could say, it’s the perfect analogy for Whiskey making as well. We might be grasping at straws but hear us out; you make or buy some Whiskey, you nurture and mature it for a number of years, and when it’s ready to be enjoyed, you sell it.

See, makes perfect sense!

Anyway, Pinhook is a brand of Whiskey made in Kentucky and every year they release a Bourbon and a Rye named after a promising young horse that might make its way to the Kentucky Derby. It’s an exciting theme that brings together two of Kentucky’s biggest industries; horses and Whiskey.

It is made at the Castle & Key Distillery in Millville, which was originally built as a working distillery and tourist attraction in 1887.

Bourbon Country...Pinhook Straight Bourbon Whiskey Bourbon Country Review

While yes, Kentucky is known as Bourbon country, this actually refers to the horse Bourbon Country, who is 15.3 hands high, according to the label. They include other information on there, but
we’re not sure what it all means.

More importantly, Bourbon Country is now honoured by a Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey, produced by Pinhook.

This Bourbon is made up of a mash bill of 75% corn, 20.5% Rye and 4.5% Malted Barley and has been matured in new American oak casks for over three years.

Pinhook Bourbon Country Review

Pinhook’s Bourbon Country Straight Bourbon Whiskey begins with orchard fruits and lots of caramel. It is sweet and slightly spicy, with a little hint of cinnamon. Oak wood comes through, with vanilla and hints of pine needles.

The palate is rich and warming. Lots of cinnamon and soft notes of caramel, vanilla, fudge and dried fruits appear. The oak wood brings it all together really well. There is a note of Christmas cake, with a little bit of cinnamon and nutmeg. Fresh fruits such as oranges, summer berries and a dash of pepper complement the more saccharine flavours.

The finish is bold and ends on oak wood, caramel and a hint of pepper.

This is a brilliant Straight Kentucky Bourbon from Pinhook that is packed with flavour and character. If it was a horse, we would definitely be backing it.

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2 thoughts on “Pinhook Straight Bourbon Whiskey Bourbon Country Review”

  1. For Christmas presents, I got a bottle of bourbon for my husband, son ,daughter, and myself, with the plan to have our own tasting while my son was home for the holidays, after all of the larger family celebrations.
    We were exposed to Covid, and had to cancel our big Christmas dinner. We decided to make our own feast, and our taste test…Pinhook was the favorite, which surprised us all! We had so much fun, and plan to have Pinhook going forward. We are even going to save a bottle for 5 years, and
    share it then! Thank you for helping our small family celebration being so fun!


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