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Scotch whisky, or, as it’s more commonly known, scotch, is just whisky made in Scotland (and in a manner specified by Scottish law, they’ll have you know). Don’t be fooled by its concentrated geographical region: the Scots ship around 100 million cases of their “water of life” overseas every year. As you might then expect, scotch comes in an astounding number of varieties… hence my scotch reviews.

Here you’ll find hundreds of articles, all giving you an idea of what to expect from some popular (and some not-so-popular) scotch expressions. There are individual scotch reviews, there are top ten lists, there are interviews with master distillers and there are posts written for nothing more than a bit of good fun.

If you need (or just want) to ease yourself in, here’s a post on 5 Scotch Whiskies under £50. That’s 5 scotch reviews for the price of 1. Otherwise dive in. There are some real treats to be had.