Top 5 Best Fruity Whiskies

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Although they may not count as one of your five a day, these drams will definitely taste like you’re getting your fruit requirements all in one go.

Fruity Whiskies can have a wonderful range of bases, from smoky to sweet or spicy and are not limited to one or the other. We’ve tried to take into account a few options, so you get the best choices of fruity Whiskies available.

top 5 best fruity whiskies

Coming from the Knockdo Distillery, this Highland malt is full of fruity goodness. It is fresh and clean, with a crisp green apple flavour on the nose. This develops into a more rounded taste and is joined by earthy herbs and some floral notes. On the palate the fruits are full bodied and ripe, giving this dram a nice bite. Oak wood also makes an appearance alongside apples and pears. This ties in well with a cereal and malt flavour that comes through, giving the sweetness something to stand out against.  This is emphasised in this finish, which is long and lasting with a delicious orchard fruit end.

top 5 best fruity whiskies

2. Highland Park 18 Year Old

This award winning expression is full of floral and fruity notes. It is full bodied and bursting with flavour. The nose begins with cherry blossom and orchard fruits giving this dram a delightfully fresh and crisp opening.  There are ripe apples and pears with an underlying tone of citrus peel to add a mouth-watering tang. There is also a smooth honeyed note that really brings the orchard qualities to the fore ground. The palate gives this all a warm dusting of cinnamon that is ideal with the juicy fruits. There is a slight bitterness of dark chocolate and coffee that adds depth to the dram and allows the sweet fruits to stand out. This continues into the finish, which is long and lingering, with one last dash of cinnamon.

top 5 best fruity whiskies

3. Talisker 18 Year Old

This is a fresh expression from Talisker that once won Best Whisky in the World. The opens with a dose of peat smoke, but nothing less could be expected of Talisker. This is complemented with ripe fruits such as red apples and oranges. Citrus fruits take the fore in this dram and go well with the sea salt and brine that also appears. The palate is rich and like the nose, is packed with fruit. As well as citrus and orchard fruits there is a slight nod towards dried raisins and figs, giving this expression a chewy mouth feel. There is also a lovely coffee and cinnamon flavour that goes perfectly with the orchard fruits. The dark coffee has a slight bitterness to it that makes brings sweetness to the foreground. The finish concentrates on ginger and pepper spice, with one last hint of citrus tang.

top 5 best fruity whiskies

4. Mackmyra First

This dram was the first release from the Swedish Mackmyra distillery. The nose opens with a fruit basket, filled with orchard fruits and citrus fruits. Lemon and lime peel and oranges with cloves come through on first whiff. These are emboldened on the palate where they are joined with thick honey and cinnamon spice. The cinnamon becomes slightly oaky after a while, with the wood from the Swedish oak casks really coming through towards the end. The finish is sweet and sticky, with lots of honey and apples.

top 5 best fruity whiskies

5. Glenmorangie Astar

The casks used to make Astar (meaning Journey in Gaelic) are made from oak sourced from the Ozark Mountains in Missouri.  The nose is smooth, with lots of fresh fruits such as peaches and apricots. These go well with the marzipan and white chocolate base of the dram. These lend a creaminess to the mouth feel that is smooth and easy going. Tropical fruits such as pineapples, melons, oranges and bananas come through strong on the palate. Crumbled biscuits and cereals provide a sounding board for the fruits to play off. The white chocolate and marzipan become solid, with almonds and hazelnuts also appearing. The finish is sweet and rich, with lots of fruit and a lasting hit of honey and melon.

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