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If you are in the market to buy a cask of whisky, you’ve come to the right place, GreatDrams can source casks for you based on: 

And pretty much any other reason you might have for buying a cask of whisky!

Finding the right cask for you in three steps:


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We offer a personal service with no hidden fees, and can provide end to end fulfilment; cask sourcing, storing, bottling, labelling and delivery

We can even guide you through various license applications you may need for the end purpose of your whisky so that you comply with HMRC regulations, laws and duty payments. 

GreatDrams have made buying a cask of whisky easy, just fill in the form below to give us an idea of what you are looking for, and Greg will be in touch with you personally to start the ball rolling and to provide initial options you may want to consider. Simple! 

"When our family visited to Scotland in 2017 and enjoyed the opportunity to visit a broad range of Scottish distilleries, we daydreamed about the possibility of buying an entire cask of scotch. Fast-forward a few years later and I stumbled across Greg and GreatDrams, who made this daydream a reality. Greg is obviously a passionate and informed connoisseur of scotch, but he is also friendly, open, transparent and honest. I appreciate his attention to detail and fast communication, both qualities that help ease the process of a less conventional transaction. One competitive niche that GreatDrams fields is the ability to do smaller bottling batches of a cask, so one can spread out a purchase over multiple years, enjoying the evolving flavors as they age with the seasons. We purchased our cask approximately one year ago, and looking forward to our first bottling run soon. Thanks for all your knowledge and assistance Greg!"
Nicholas Elliott, USA
"I strongly recommend GreatDrams to anyone looking for something unique and memorable – from spirits by the bottle or by the cask. Greg has been a joy to work with on my whisky journey these past 12 months, and he maintained his good humor in addition to his non-salesy approach in helping me select each of my casks. When I began working with Greg, I asked him if he could locate a specific distiller’s whisky on the market. It was quite a challenge, but he did so and immediately worked with me to procure it at a reasonable price. I was so impressed that I purchased two more later that year – one for each of my two sons from their birthyears of 2009 and 2012. I described their personalities at ages 10 and 8, and the whiskies and barrels that I believed would be consistent with their personalities. I am thrilled at the thought of presenting them with their casks when they become of age in just a few short years. Greg has provided me with samples from my casks as needed post purchase, and he continues to be a great resource for me as I come up with questions. This great service and his passion around whisky have made me come to better appreciate the art of Greg’s business, and I will not consider anyone other than GreatDrams for my future whisky purchases. Not only is Greg a delight to work with in procuring casks, but he is able to find unique options at a good value. In fact, I enjoyed the journey so much this past year that I intend to visit Greg on my next trip to the UK from Chicago to enjoy a few samples together"
John C. Thurston, Chicago
“To celebrate a special occasion, I researched purveyors on-line who offer cask brokerage services but never became comfortable with any as I could not verify that any would properly convey title to a real cask -- until I became a customer of GreatDrams special bottlings, then joined the GreatestDrammers "club" and eventually bought a cask through Greg's patient guidance, responsiveness and his bespoke search for the perfect cask filled in the year which I sought. Oh, and by the way, GreatestDrammers is far better than joining SMWS, which almost never has any availability. Sometimes smaller is better..."
Steven, NYC
I got in touch with Greg once I was thinking to start owning my own whisky; from first contact Greg helped me a lot with understanding the entire process and was full of advice and tips. Accordingly, to my wishes, he was able to propose to me different selected casks immediate available. Honestly I think he proposed to me only a small subset of his entire collection (it has to be quite huge) and all of them match perfectly my style. Also after the buy we stay in contact waiting for the next cask :). I really appreciated his commitment in making my choice easier. As far now since I only bought a cask I do not mention the quality of all the other services he can provide (tasting/ bottling/ ...) but I will update my feedback once proved. Definitively I will be back to him.
Andrea, Switzerland

Everything we do as a company is fully compliant with HMRC regulations with WOWGR, AWRS, Personal and Premises licenses all in place so you can have peace of mind that we know our stuff and are 100% regulated by authorities.

Casks we have bottled under our own brand have been winning awards since our first release, so we have a proven record of sourcing great quality spirit.

It goes without saying that we look forward to working with you to obtain a great cask of whisky for celebration, investment, gifts or whatever.

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All you need to do to get started is fill in the form below with an idea of budget and cask types you’re interested in and I will get back to you with a shortlist of available casks as a starting point. 

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