Best Bourbons for Beginners

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Everyone needs to start somewhere, and with Bourbon, there’s no bad place to start.

We’ve brought together a list of some of the best Bourbons for beginners to really get stuck into. These are ideal for learning about what makes a class Bourbon.

1. Buffalo Trace

Bottle cost: £23.95

One of the best Bourbon brands around, Buffalo Trace is a great place to start. It has all the tell tale flavours and it does them well. Packed with vanilla, caramel, warming spices and a hint of charred oak, this is everything you need in a good Bourbon. You will not be disappointed.

2. Bulleit

Bottle cost: £26

An award winning Bourbon, Bulleit will definitely have you reaching for more. The palate is not overly complex, but boasts big notes of vanilla, citrus fruits and lots of spice. The heat is incredible and will warm you up on a winter day. This is a great brand to start with when tasting Bourbon. It’s not intimidating and is top quality.

3. Four Roses Small Batch

Bottle cost: £31.75

Four Roses is a very popular Bourbon, not just a Bourbon for beginners, and rightly so. The palate is full of malted grains, with sweet fruits, floral notes and an aroma that will take you straight to an orchard. It is a wonderfully smooth texture, which is typical of a well-made Bourbon. This is definitely a malt that should be on any “must try” lists, and especially if it’s for Bourbon.

4. Evan Williams White LabeL

Bottle cost: £23.44

A perfect Whiskey for an introduction to Bourbon. it has all the traits of a good Bourbon; sweetness, spice and a little bit of smoke. The smoke from the barrels is really subtle, but really good and melts into the heat of the spices. There are a lot of layers to this dram and you’ll enjoy really getting to know it.

5. Widow Jane 10 Year Old

Bottle cost: £66.28

A collaboration between Kentucky and New York, (in that it was distilled in Kentucky and bottled in New York) this Bourbon is the epitome of an American Whiskey. Get to know Widow Jane, and you’ll be an expert in what makes good Bourbon. Flavours of malted grains, caramel, dried fruits, cinnamon and tobacco are in every drop. It is rich and smooth, with slightly aromatic notes throughout, making for a really complex but really tasty Bourbon.

What was the first Bourbon you ever tried? Let us know your tips on Bourbon for beginners in the comments!

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