Hudson Four Grain Bourbon Whiskey Review

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Hailing from the first distillery in New York since Prohibition, Hudson has a lot of pressure to perform, but they definitely do with their Hudson Four Grain Bourbon.

Tuthilltown Spirits Farm Distillery

The Tuthilltown Distillery has a rich and varied past. It is based in a 220 year old gristmill that is included on the National Register of Historic Places. It also holds the legacy of being the first distillery in New York since the 1930s.

Based in Gardiner, the distillery opened in 2003 and was founded by Brian Lee and Ralph Erenzo.

Experience is key

They have both worked in the industry for a long time, in different roles. Lee used his technical abilities to build the machinery, whilst Erenzo used his skills in developing logisitcs to set the distillery up.

Erenzo is also active in changing how distilleries are regulated and was successful in getting law implemented at a state level that allowed farms to set up distilleries on site.

The dream behind Tuthilltown was to bring distilling back to New York and to re-introduce small batch, artisan spirits to the area. Everything is localised at Tuthilltown and all of the ingredients are sourced from nearby.

Hudson Four Grain Bourbon Review

Named for the Hudson Valley, where Tuthilltown Distillery is based, this four grain Bourbon is made up of corn, rye, barley and wheat.

It has a typical Bourbon flavour profile and a wonderfully mellow mouth feel.


Bottle cost: £36.25

The nose begins with big notes of almonds, pralines, vanilla and caramel. The sweetness has a bit of heat to it, with lovely cinnamon flavours coming out.

Oak wood, with a little bit of char and smoke adds to the warmth and makes it come alive.

The palate is well developed and very easy going. The sweetness is gentle and the nuts and oak add a lovely depth.

This is the perfect Bourbon to start your love affair with American Whisky. It is mellow and soft, with all the right flavours. The gentle smoke and heat add to the sweet caramel and vanilla hints.

The finish is big and lingers on oak wood and excellent hints of burnt brown sugar. Hudson Four Grain Bourbon is simply brilliant. It has lots of character but it not overwhelming. Tuthilltown have not only brought distilling back to New York, but they have brought quality with them.

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