THE GREATDRAMS WHISKY and / or gin TASTING and virtual tasting EXPERIENCE

We love whisky, we love gin, and we love sharing those passions and spirits with people all round the UK and internationally through our tasting sessions (in person, when allowed) and our virtual tasting sessions that take place on Zoom. 

We do both public and private tastings, and can cater for groups from 2 to 100 + without issue. 

So whether it is for yourselves to learn a bit more about whisky or to spend a great night with your friends, family, colleagues or clients… we can make it happen. 

GreatDrams is multi-award-winning, including UK Food & Drink Blog of the Year, one of the Top Five Whisky Blogs in the World (as declared by the International Whisky Competition), Online Spirits Resource of the Year 2018 & 2019. 

Our whisky range has won Drinks Producer of the Year 2019 and a host of awards for our independently bottled range of limited edition whiskies including a score of 90.5/100 from Jim Murray in his 2020 Whisky Bible Publication and scores of 89.5, 92.5 and 94/100 in his 2021 Whisky Bible that also secured us a Liquid Gold award for being one of the best whisky releases in the world that year, so you are in very good hands.

With prices starting at just £25 per person, and packages that can be tailored to whatever you want to explore spirit wise, we really can make your next event one to remember.

Virtual Whisky & Gin Tastings

Since lockdown commenced in the UK, we have managed to alter how we deliver our whisky and gin tastings to be able to cater for more people in places in more engaging ways through private – and public – virtual whisky and gin tastings on ZooM. 

These have turned into something we not only love doing but int something that has managed to engage so many more people than we otherwise would be able to with traditional offline tastings – especially as through the comments function we are able to answer questions even if people are not comfortable asking them out loud meaning everyone can have their say on the conversation and have their burning whisky / gin questions answered as we go through. 

They are hosted in an informal way with everyone invited to ask questions, talk about their flavour notes and generally talk about whisky. 

Typically, depending on the tasting and how talkative people are, the virtual tastings last between 60 and 90 minutes, and occasionally longer! 

We can create packages to suit all needs

5 x 50ml whiskies, all limited edition and only available from us

4 x 50ml whiskies & 1 x 200ml bottle of one of our limited edition whiskies 

4 x 50ml whiskies & 1 x 500ml bottle of one of our limited edition whiskies

Then we have optional extras too; a Glencairn official whisky glass, pipettes, signed copies of my book The GreatDrams of Scotland for each participant

For virtual gin tastings we typically use a variety of different gins, and rotate them around a lot so there’s always something different (we find people end up booking more than one private gin tasting so we keep it interesting…) and the packs contain 4 x 50ml gins and 2 x cans of tonic, these can also have official tasting glasses added too to enhance the experience.

Once the booking has been confirmed, we put together the packs for the individuals taking part and send them out recorded delivery as far ahead of the tasting as we can (to give the post service the best chance to get it there on time) and then the Zoom details are circulated to either the participants directly or to the organiser to forward on – whichever is preferred. Then we simply get on zoom and have a great night in !

“This was such a great idea. The whole thing worked so well, right from ordering, receiving the drams, to the way Greg conducted the live tastings, to the quality of the whiskies. I’ve already signed up for the next one. Please continue to do this when the lockdown lifts!”

Ross, Virtual Tasting

"Great tasting with a great host"

Gary, Virtual Tasting

“The tutorial was very informative, the whiskies were fantastic, can't wait for the next one”

Kevin, Virtual Tasting

“Fantastic and insightful, Greg’s enthusiasm and knowledge brought the event to life”

Steve, Virtual Tasting

“Great 90mins spent with Greg online which was very insightful and had 5 amazing drams to boot ! Looking forward to the next one already”

Kevin, Virtual Tasting

"Our company is spread across the UK and Poland. We were looking for a virtual celebration after delivery of two major projects. GreatDrams selected five excellent (some rare) Whiskies, dispatched them to our European team and then led a private guided tasting on Zoom. Greg was able to strike a perfect balance between fun and informative. Our team members, whether new to Whisky or more practiced, all learned a lot and discovered some new favourites"

Stuart, Virtual Tasting Organiser, Fortrus

Every whisky tasting is tailored specifically to your requirements; be it for ten people or fifty, the experience will be unique to you. There are no assumptions about whisky knowledge level, all your attendees need to bring is an open mind, enthusiasm and a willingness to try new things.

“A friendly and well-organised event”

Anthony, regular attendee

Whisky tastings are great for:

Corporate entertainment / team-buildingClient entertainment
In home birthday celebrations
School alumni
Christmas parties
Product launches
Private bar / restaurant / cafe events
Stag / hen parties
and anything in between.

“Thanks for the experience, everyone who came enjoyed it, you could tell by the questions they asked and how involved every single person was in each discussion”

Simon, Electric Coffee

“Greg was a fabulous host, and it’s clear that he’s really knowledgeable about whisk(e)y and has a great passion for it”

Sarah, Attendee

“Within five mins you had us all captivated, listening intently and enthralled with distillery and whisky stories”


“Your passion and knowledge was evident from the start”

Chris, attendee

“Your laid-back attitude was perfectly pitched and thoroughly enjoyable to listen to”


“Was a fun night and I got a lot of great feedback from all who came along”

Dom, KAPLAN University

"It was a great night and your knowledge and background information was extensive and very helpful. I did have a great evening and would love to join in again"

Trevor, Poynton

The aim for all GreatDrams whisky tasting events is for everyone to have a great time and enjoy themselves, hopefully they will also find new styles of whisky they like too.

Depending on what you are looking for, each person’s participation typically includes:

  • Event-specific tasting mat
  • A 20 minute intro to the history of whisky and the format of the event
  • We will be discuss and tailor the theme once you book a whisky tasting
  • A guided tasting through five whiskies including distillery stories
  • All whiskies presented in proper tasting glasses (when in person)
  • There will be an educational side too so everyone will be able to properly nose and drink whisky by the end
  • We even bring all glasses and bottles with us, clear up and take them all with us again leaving no cleaning or tidying burden to any tastings we host
  • We can create a theme relevant to you and your guests, examples below:
  • Japan and the Far East
  • Bourbon & Rye
  • Whisky from different regions
  • Exploring peaty whisky
  • International whiskies
  • Specific aged whisky (maybe 30 year old whiskies for a 30th)
  • Limited editions etc.
  • Cask wood finishes (sherry, port, wine etc.)
  • Beginners whisky understanding
  • An exploration of Islay
  • Silent distilleries of Scotland
  • Home nations’ whisky (Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales)

Costs per person are dependent on the amount of people attending and the whiskies we will be sampling i.e. limited edition whiskies will cost more because of their rarity and inability to try again.

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