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Oak plays an integral part in the crafting of any whisky. With the Jura Seven Wood, seven types of oak have played an integral part.

A stand out dram

Hailing from the Isle of Jura, which neighbours Islay, Jura is an island whisky that wants to stand out.

Islay is of course well known for their big peated malts. Jura on the other hand, creates malt that is lighter and has little by the way of peat.

Island Whiskies tend to be more varied in flavour profile but many still have the same big notes of peat. Talisker (Isle of Skye) and Highland Park (Orkney) are well known island Scotches that have a lot of peat in their flavour profiles.

It makes sense for Jura to be different. With the distillery dating back to 1810, they have a lot of tradition to go by. It is unsurprising that they stay away from the big peated notes of Islay and other islands.

Jura Seven Wood


As well as their light flavour profile, Jura are also very innovative. They are always bringing out exciting new releases.

They have a series that celebrates the Duirachs (people who call Jura home) as well as a robust signature series.

Their Seven Wood expression is a really intriguing addition to their line up. It has been crafted using seven different types of wood (in case you didn’t get that from the name).

All of the woods involved are a type of oak, but each brings in different flavours. These include ex-Bourbon American oak, Jupilles, Bertranges, Allier, Limousin, Vosges and Tronçais.

As the names suggest, most of these are French oak and are often used to mature wines.

Tasting notes for Jura Seven Wood Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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The nose begins with spicy sweet notes and a delicate hint of earthy herbs and aromatics. It is well developed and warming.

The palate is rich and sweet. It is full of toasted white sugar and citrus fruits. There is a distinctly spicy edge as well which adds a nice kick.

Orchard fruits and softer notes of melon appear. Joining these are all spice and nutmeg, to give it a lovely heat.

The finish is lingering and warm, with more fruits and a lasting warmth.

A wonderful malt from Jura, this is well worth getting to know. It is an exploration in wood and exactly what different oaks will add or take away from flavour profiles.

Do you think more distilleries should adventure out with their oak choices? Let us know in the comments!

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