Method and Madness Acacia Wood Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

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Another excitingly innovative release from the Method and Madness, this whiskey as been matured in acacia wood casks.

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Method and Madness cannot be talked about without using the words innovation and challenge. So let’s do that: Method and Madness are using innovation to challenge the way whiskey is made. The brand came about in collaboration between the Masters and Apprentices at Midleton Distillery in Cork.

They look for new ways of doing things and this has led them down some interesting paths. At this point in their lifetime they have created malt from Hungarian oak and French limousine. The newest additions to their line up are malts matured in cherry wood and acacia wood.

Finbarr Curran, who is part of a research team dedicated to maturation at Midleton distillery, said, “The density of the acacia wood presented a challenge in contrast to the wild cherry wood as the maturation process was much slower and required a close eye and nose to achieve the perfect balance. But it was well worth the wait.”

Tasting notes for Method and Madness Acacia Wood Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

This malt has been matured in bourbon and sherry casks, before being finished in acacia wood casks.

The nose beings with rich chocolate and coffee notes. It has a brilliant sweetness that is deep and aromatic. Floral hints, and a lovely note of honey abound. Hints of sherry spice and warmth appear, which really enhances the chocolate notes. Almonds and hazelnuts also come through, adding more sweetness.

The palate is dark, with coffee and chilli heat taking over. Chocolate and marzipan come in to add a bit of sweetness. There is a soft note of caramel and malted grains that add a nice subtlety to the flavour. Hints of toasted oak add to the sweetness and warmth.

The finish is long and lingers on grains and toasted oak.

Method and Madness have struck gold once again with this exciting release. If you miss out on this limited edition (and we urge you don’t) at least you can be assured that there is plenty more excitement to come from them.

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