Ardbeg 19 Year Old Traigh Bhan Single Malt Scotch Whisky 2019 Release

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The second age statemented malt to join the Ardbeg fanily, this 19 year old single malt is an excellent addition to the line up.

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Ardbeg, one of eight distilleries on the isle of Islay, produces some of the peatiest malt in the whole of Scotland, and probably on Islay as well. This release is keeping up the tradition. Named Triagh Bhan after the beach near the distillery, the malt represents an exciting new venture for Ardbeg.

Director of Distilling, Whisky Creation and Whisky Stocks at Ardbeg, Dr Bill Lumsden, said: “A new, permanent aged Ardbeg is a rare occurrence, and cause for celebration. We hope that, by slightly tweaking the batch recipe year-on-year, Ardbeggians can have some fun exploring the finer details of this ever-changing dram.”

The dram is set to become a permanent addition to the Ardbeg family and is only the second age statemented whisky they will continuously produce. The other is the Ardbeg 10 Year Old, which was first released in 2010. This is a great move for the Islay distillery. The small batch expression will give fans the chance to experience how their malt ages and changes.

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The nose opens with notes of chilli, chocolate and sea salt. It has a nice tang to it, with a lovely earthen quality. Smoke abounds and complements a sweet oak wood in the background. Zesty lemon and pineapple add a nice fruity liveliness overall.

The palate is rich and smoky. A spiciness brings out a lovely warmth and aromatic quality. Peat booms throughout, with lots of sea side, earthy qualities. There are hints of sweet fruit, chocolate and oak wood. Notes of turpentine and pine needles also come out and add a nice depth.

The finish is strong, with tonnes of peat and a nice lasting seasalt note.

This is an excellent release from Ardbeg, although you can’t expect much less from the Islay distillery these days. Highly worth buying and following with each new small batch release.

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