Teeling Amber Ale Small Batch Irish Whiskey

The Irish whiskey industry is seeing a renaissance and part of that is about embracing new a bold flavours. Teeling’s Amber Ale Small Batch Irish Whiskey is a wonderful example of that exploration.

The Spirit of Collaboration

Teeling are one of the most exciting Irish whiskies on the market today and they are doing a lot of interesting things with their malt. The brand itself has a long history, being able to trace their roots back to the 1700s, when the Teeling Distillery first opened its doors. While its first iteration didn’t last, the brand re-opened, not far from where they were originally established, in 2015.

They are one of the brands that are exploring what it means to create whiskey and all the different ways it can be improved and innovated with. From maturing malt in Chinkapin American Oak casks, to hand selecting stout casks for their whiskey, Teeling are looking in all different directions for their ideas.

One of their most creative ventures yet is the Collaboration Series, which sees them team up with other makers to join forces and make something interesting. The series has seen them create malt matured in ginger beer casks, red wine casks, rum casks and lots of others.

Teeling Small Batch Collaboration Amber Ale Irish Whiskey

As part of this series, they have joined with Dot Brew Brewery in Dublin to create the Teeling Amber Ale Small Batch Irish Whiskey. This malt was first matured for five years in ex-Bourbon casks before being finished for 15 months in amber ale kegs from Dot Brew.

This is a really exciting addition to the Teeling line up and shows their ability to explore the landscape of maturation and all the ways that can be done.

Tasting notes for Teeling Amber Ale Matured Small Batch Irish Whiskey

The nose opens with notes of orchard fruit, dew covered grass and malted grains. It is full of bright cereal notes and a lovely warm undertone of malt. Citrus and caramel give it a sweet aroma.

The palate is refined and has notes of beer, more citrus fruit, toasted cereal grains, malt and crisp apples. Hints of vanilla and a lovely oak note make it well rounded and add a lovely depth.

The finish is bold and ends with a warming note of hops and malted grains.

This small batch Irish whiskey has well developed flavours and offers something a little different to whiskey drinkers. Teeling are really at the forefront of Irish whiskey making and it is malts like this that really showcase why.

Are you a fan of Teeling Irish Whiskey? Let us know your thoughts on their Amber le finished malt in the comments!

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