Talisker 8 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky Diageo Special Releases 2018

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Having been waited for with eager anticipation, Diageo’s Special Releases for 2018 did not disappoint, and this Talisker 8 Year Old is a stand out expression from the line up.

the range

The Special Releases range has been going for several years now and this year saw a particularly exciting selection. It even included Cladach, a brand new blend being created from six of Diageo’s coastal distilleries.

Each range of Special Releases features rare and limited edition malts and gives Whisky enthusiasts the chance to really enjoy some exclusive drams.

The collection has been going since 2001 and the bottles are released towards the end of the year. Prices can vary from reasonable to eye watering, but for the selection of malts available, it makes sense.

This year’s release includes many of Diageo’s most popular brands, with really interesting expressions, including a CaolIla Unpeated 15 Year Old, Lagavulin 12 Year Old and Oban 21 Year Old.

As well as these well-known names, the range also includes the previously mentioned, and specially made Cladach, a 28 Year Old Pittyvaich and a 48 Year Old Carsebridge.

The Talisker 8 Year Old

Also included in the range is a particularly interesting Talisker 8 Year Old. This expression is interesting because it harks back to the Talisker bottlings of the 1980s, before their core malt was their 10 Year Old.

It has been matured in first fill ex-Bourbon American oak hogsheads and has a wonderfully sweet body.

Tasting notes for Talisker 8 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Bottle cost: £61.06

The nose opens with big earthy notes of rich soil and seaside air. It is also brimming with summer berries and exotic fruits. A more medicinal note takes over, with sea salt and iodine becoming key players.

The palate is packed with smoke and seaside flavours. Iodine and a slight iron notec come in as well. More fruit, with raspberries and bananas and lots of citrus notes taking over. These are all wrapped up with a warming peat smoke.

There is a lovely creamy caramel, vanilla and oak wood flavour here too. It is sweet and bold, with a soft mouth feel and a hint of burnt white sugar.

The finish is strong and full of peat smoke and vanilla.

This is a really exciting release from Diageo and a good look at the flavour profile of a Talisker. It is strong and flavoursome, and will become your next favourite peated malt.


You can watch my YouTube review below:

Have any thoughts on the Talisker 8 Year Old or the Special Releases series? Let us know in the comments!

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