Rare Archive Bottling Launches Exclusively at Glenfiddich Distillery

Launching in time for one of the region’s biggest calendar dates of the year, the Glenfiddich Archive Collection 1987 will be available to pre-order exclusively from the Distillery Boutique in the brand’s home from the 29th of April, during the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival.

With only 75 bottles available, this bottling is the rarest of the trio that make up The Archive Collection, an annual release comprising rare family casks which unlock a moment from the distillery’s warehouses in Dufftown to share some of the finest whiskies created. The 1987 is a Christmas centenary cask laid down on Christmas day by the Grant family to celebrate the distillery’s 1st Centenary milestone, which over it’s 35 years of maturation has developed notes of ripe pear, Granny Smith apples and delicate spun sugar, a perfect balance of fresh, sticky and spiced.

While the world has changed almost beyond imagination during this time, this whisky has been quietly maturing, ageing and taking on the unique qualities of their oak casks and the exceptional climate of the ‘Valley of the Deer’. Accessing the Glenfiddich Archive Collection is comparable to accessing the archive of Single Malt. It is tasting and experiencing the vision of William and Elizabeth Grant and the generations of the Grant family that followed; unlocking the history of Single Malt.

Brian Kinsman, Glenfiddich Malt Master said:

“The Archive Collection seamlessly bridges the gap between Glenfiddich’s spirit of innovation and its rich history, bearing witness to the heritage of craftsmanship, pioneering spirit, and the passing on of knowledge and experience.

Available to pre-order in the same week as the world renowned Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival, we are thrilled to give our distillery visitors exclusive access to the rarest bottling from the collection, a chance to own and enjoy a piece of Glenfiddich’s rich history.”

In addition to Glenfiddich Archive Collection 1987, Glenfiddich Archive Collection 1973 is exclusively available to purchase in the UK from September and Glenfiddich Archive Collection 1984 exclusively available in China and Taiwan from June.

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