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An exciting craft distillery at the heart of London, the East London Liquor Company and bringing the art back to the capital. And making great spirits at the same time.

Rebirth of a Spirit

Gin has long been known for being a spirit intrinsic to the fabric of London, but overindulgence and a waning interest from consumers meant it fell out of fashion for a long time.

Enter the Millenial generation and Gin has once again become much loved around the world.


In the midst of this rebirth through popularity, ELLC was set up, making them the first distillery in East London for over 100 years.

Established in 2013 by Alex Wolpert, the brand has really taken off. While they might have started with Gin, they have grown since then and now create a wide range of excellent spirits.

More than just Gin

The brand has flourished in the years since it was created and they have won a Gold in customer experience and the title of Master for Distillery Innovation in 2016 from the Distillery Masters.

ELLC might specialise in Gin but they have a broad range of spirits including Rum and now the East London Liquor Company Rye Whisky. They also have a barrel aged Gin, which is a really exciting addition to their line-up.

The distillery itself has also expanded and now includes a bar and restaurant as well as a visitor centre where you can do tours and tastings.

East London Liquor Company Rye Whisky

Rye Whisky is becoming a more and more popular category outside of the US. This expression is even more exciting for being the first Whisky to be distilled in London in around 115 years.

The brand brought on board Andy Mooney to distil the Whisky, who describes the opportunity; “The great thing about producing our whisky in London is that we have a clean slate to be creative.

“We’ve put a lot of attention and care into our first release of London Rye – from the char levels of the barrels, to the exact ABV of the final product; perfect to drink neat the minute you crack open the bottle.”

It is a brilliant malt and certainly one the distillery should be proud of.

This Whisky has a mash bill of 42% Rye and 58% Extra Pale Malt and has been matured in ex-Bourbon and new French Oak casks before being finished in ex-Pedro Ximenez casks.

Tasting notes for East London Liquor Company Rye Whisky

The nose is sweet and spicy, with notes of nutmeg, cinnamon and chocolate. A slightly earth bitterness reminiscent of fresh ground coffee and mahogany wood also comes through.

The flavours are very complementary, with the richer more natural flavours bouncing off sweet vanilla notes.

The palate is wonderfully sweet, with more chocolate, citrus fruits, summer berries and whipped cream. There is also a gentle smoky note in the background that really highlights all the sweetness.

More fruits appear, with a tart edge that goes well with the cream and smoke. It is light and fresh, with a lovely honeyed mouth feel. Oak wood comes through towards the end and brings everything together with vanilla and honey sweetness.

The finish is bold and warming, with more spice and lots of oak.

This is a really exciting malt for the English Whisky market and one that will the way in flavour profile. ELLC is definitely a brand to keep an eye on.

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