MillStone Pedro Ximenez Cask Matured Dutch Whisky

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Hailing from the Netherlands, MillStone is an exciting brand of Whisky that has brought some really excellent malt to the market.

This MillStone expression is matured in Pedro Ximenez casks is a wonder of innovation and flavour.


Although you might not have heard of it, the Zuidam Distillery, based in Baarle-Nassau, has been around since 1975.

It began as something small, being run by Fred van Zuidam and his wife. Today it it is much bigger, covering almost ten times as much ground on site, and producing a lot more malt.

It remains in the hands of the van Zuidam family, and is run by Fred’s sons, Gilbert and Patrick, the latter of whom is also the distillery’s Master Distiller.

Zuidam create various different types of spirit is and are well known for the Gin, and Jenever, which is the Dutch spirit that brought us Gin.

MillStone is their Whisky brand and they create many different types of malt under the name, including an American style Rye, a 10 Year Old French Oak and a 5 Year Old Single Malt.

The MillStone Pedro Ximenez Cask Matured Dutch Whisky

Produced at Zuidam Distillery, the MillStone PX Cask is an innovative dram that showcases the exciting malts they make.

The malt has been matured in first fill oak casks before being transferred to Pedro Ximenez Sherry casks.

The distillery like to experiment, especially with Sherry casks, and this is just one example of their liaisons with the wine.

The MillStone Pedro Ximenez Cask Matured Dutch Whisky

The nose opens with sweet nuts and dried fruit. It is very rich and sweet, with lovely hints of cinnamon and nutmeg throughout. The warmth of the spices is delicious alongside the chewy fruits. It is a well-rounded start.

The palate is equally packed with flavour. Raisins, apricots, dates and figs all abound, with lots of sweet almonds and hazelnuts.

Oranges and clementines appear, adding a lovely citrusy zest. This goes perfectly with the fruit flavours and the sweet caramels and vanillas that come out.

Malted barley and bold oak notes wrap everything up and allow the zestier flavours to really jump out. They are the perfect backdrop for lively oranges and raisins to become sweeter and richer.

The finish is long and warming. There is a lot of cinnamon coming out, which really helps the overall flavour.

This MillStone Pedro Ximenez Cask Matured Dutch Whisky is a brilliant malt from a well established distillery. It is the perfect world Whisky to enhance your Scotch collection and the perfect treat to bring to Whisky tastings!

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