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Once known as Baarle International, Zuidam Distillery has flourished since it’s founding in 1975, and now makes some brilliant whisky.

The van Zuidam Family

Like many distilleries based in Baarle Nassau in the Netherlands, the Zuidam Distillery was founded as a family venture.

Fred van Zuidam wanted to start a distillery that specialised in exclusive drinks. It was started on a vey small scale, with only one production line and one pot still. This is not an uncommon start, and many distilleries have humble beginnings.

Keeping it in the Family

While the drinks he produced were good, they didn’t stand out from his competitors. Tt wasn’t until his wife, Helene started making packaging labels that they began to make real sales. Again, this is often a key tenet in many distillery stories and Zuidam hit on it early.

Today, the whole operation is a lot bigger than it used to be. With their sons, Patrick and Gilvert, taking over production and customer services, the brand has been able to grow.

They now have six stills and four production lines, working with 1000 barrels in a 3600 square metre facility. They make a selection of spirits and liqueurs.

Innovation in Distilling

Flavour Profile

The brand has become well loved for their MillStone Whisky brand, as well as for their Gins and Jenevers.

They have been experimenting with barley types and have a longer fermentation time than most distilleries, stretching it out to five day.

This, coupled with their small pot stills, results in a fruity new make.

The Zuidam Distillery Processes

Their distilling methods have been described as traditional, by Patrick, who is something of a Master Distiller there. He oversees production a lot of the time.

They produce some really incredible malt. Their MillStone brand, started in 2007, is brilliantly crafted and tasting amazing.

Zuidam Distillery make some of the finest Whisky, both in the Netherlands and worldwide. Definitely one to add to your Whisky collection.

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