Glenfarclas 25 Year Old Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky Review


Named Glenfarclas, meaning The Valley of the Green Grass, it is surrounded by rolling hills and stunning scenary.

The distillery itself is found in the heart of Speyside and is still run by the Grant family, who have owned it since it first opened its doors in 1865.

That was when John Grant bought both the distillery and the farm it was on, for £511.19s and leased it to John Smith.

From here it moved down generations of the Grant family and today is owned by John L. S. Grant, the sixth so far.

The Malt

Bottle cost: £125

Their malt now wins awards all across the globe and a shining example of their product is their 25 Year Old, which currently has seven awards under its belt.

This malt has been matured in Oloroso Sherry casks and wears its heart on its sleeve. Every ounce of it is packed with Sherry spice and sweetness.

The nose opens with oranges, tangerines, marzipan and honey. It is fantastically sweet and rich.

You can feel the flavours as you take them in, each one bright and bold. Oak and sweet nuts comes through as well, with a slightly Christmas cake feel to them.

Everything is warming and homely, with a little hint of cinnamon spice appearing.

The palate is just as packed with complex and rich flavours. The honey and sherry combine perfectly and lend a thick mouth feel to the overall flavour.

The oak wood comes through quite strongly here, with hints of vanilla and more cinnamon. It is chewy and bold, with a warming sensation.

Dried fruits and caramel also join the mix, adding a bit of texture to the mouth feel.

The finish is strong, with more Sherried spice and a dash of oak.

This is a wonderful example of the quality malt made at Glenfarclas, as well as beong one of the best Sherried malts you’re ever likely to come across.

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