Mackmyra 10 Year Old Swedish Single Malt Whisky Review

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Up until 1999 there were no Whisky distilleries in Sweden. Then one day and enterprising group of friends decided to change that, and the Mackmyra Distillery was born.

This Whisky is Swedish to its core. From the barley and water it begins with, right up to the oak is it matured in. Mackmyra certainly knows its roots.

It is also a distinctly innovative and forward thinking distillery, with lots of ideas around new ways to distil that have less impact on the environment, as well as exploring different flavours and tasting notes.

They have been going from strength to strength, gathering fans all across the globe and in 2015 were even named World Distiller of the Year.

Taking a look at their 10 Year Old, this should come as no surprise.

This is a brilliant malt, with lots of flavour and refinement. It has been matured in a mix of ex-Bourbon, Oloroso sherry and first fill American oak casks.

The nose opens with lots of oak and floral notes. The wood is sweet and mellow, with a lovely warmth to it. This goes hand in hand with the soft flavours of blossom and dew covered grass that also appears.

Summer berries and a light dusting of cinnamon also come through. The berries have a nice bite to them and they are bursting with juice.

The cinnamon goes well with the warming sweetness of the oak and brings out more peppery tones as well.

The palate is packed with fruits and spice. It is juicy and warm, with lots of lemons, oranges, raisins, apples and pears.

These are bold and fresh, going well with the more orchard floral tones that come out. The blossom is subtle and refined but sits well with the fruit and oak.

The oak on the palate is saccharine and sweet, with lots of vanilla and caramel tones. It lends a smoothness and mellow quality to the mouth feel. Again, this is perfect with the warming cinnamon flavours.

The finish is big, with lots of emphasis on the orchard notes, especially grassy tones and oak.

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