Angel’s Envy Straight Kentucky Bourbon Review

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A dream turned into a success, Angel’s Envy Bourbon represents a new step for the category.

father & son

Started by Lincoln Henderson, who passed away in 2013, who had been Master Distiller for a number of distilleries for decades, chiefly Brown-Forman looking after Woodford Reserve, and even created Gentleman Jack.

Together with his son Wes, Lincoln created Angel’s Envy, with the idea of developing a Bourbon that had been finished in Port casks.

Now, to Scotch drinkers that doesn’t sound like anything out of the ordinary, but for Bourbon fans it was a pretty crazy concept


Bourbon, like Scotch, had a lot of laws that determine how it can be made to still be called Bourbon, and one of those laws is that it is aged in new American oak casks.

To finish Bourbon in any other cask was unheard of. But that was the idea, and despite some misgivings at the start, it was Lincoln’s reputation as a respected Master Distiller that drew people to embrace the brand.

the brand

Angel’s Envy, so called because even despite their share, the angels will be jealous of the Bourbon.

Lincoln and Wes, and now Wes’s son Kyle, have poured so much effort into crafting an excellent Bourbon that pushes the boundaries of what is expected of this style of Whisky.

While many were sceptical at first, but the high quality of the final spirit impressed Whisky lovers and suddenly it was ok to have Port finished Bourbon.

The Port Cask Finished Bourbon - Angel's Envy Straight Kentucky Bourbon Review

That Bourbon has definitely impressed us at GreatDrams. The quality is second to none, and the hints of Port wine are well developed.

It has a mash bill of 72% corn, with 10% malted barley and 18% rye.

The nose opens with typical Bourbon notes of caramel, vanilla, oak wood, burnt brown sugar, cinnamon and black treacle. It is sweet, with lots of complexity and hints of Christmas cake and dried fruits.

The palate brings in more notes of the Port wine. It is full of all kinds of fruits and desserts, with bog notes of cake, pastry and citrus zest.

Oak wood and vanilla take over, with more citrus tones to give it depth and elegance. The combination of Port and sweet Bourbon is excellent and Angel’s Envy bring the two together perfectly. Slightly herbal notes come through, and the citrus fruits go really well with these earthier tones.

The finish is bold and full of brown sugar, oak wood and oranges.

Angel’s Envy Bourbon is trying new things in the centuries old Bourbon tradition, and it is being very successful at it.

This is a Bourbon that will please everyone, from hardcore Bourbon enthusiasts, to those just discovering it.

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