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Everyone has a favourite brand and interacting with that brand is part of that experience.

Instagram provides us with a great way to interact and view brands from a fresh perspective. This technology was not available a decade ago and now we have this amazing opportunity to see brands as they see themselves, and to get a closer glimpse at what goes on behind the scenes. We’ve brought together some of the brands we think make up the 10 Whisky Brands to Follow on Instagram.

If you never thought you needed an account that stages bottles of Whisky in front of grass and rocks then I’m here to tell you that you do. You need exactly that. And Lagavulin are the distillery to follow for just this. They use their bottles as props to show you the stunning backdrop of Islay and the wonderful scenery that helps create some pretty fantastic malt. This is the account Instagram was made for.


Like Lagavulin Suntory like to position their Whisky is interesting places to show of the incredible backdrop of the country it is made in. This time there is a lot more blossom, creating a fantastic contrast to the typical green rolling hills that we often see in scotch Instagram accounts. The Japanese background really sticks out and adds a truly beautiful imagery to the fantastic drams in the foreground. In fact some of their best images don’t even have a bottle of Whisky in the shot. This is the account to follow for all you photography enthusiasts who enjoy a dram on the side.



In bloom. A photo posted by Suntory Whisky (@suntorywhisky) on

Compass Box already have a fantastic look and their Instagram account just adds to this. They have many different expressions, each with a different style, and their Instagram explores them all and connects them in a wonderful overarching theme. There is no sense of disconnect or mismatch here but rather each different expression is celebrated individually and also as part of the wider Compass box family.



Thanks for the kind words, @thechestnutclub! #Repost @thechestnutclub with @repostapp. ・・・ Quite possibly some of the best examples of Scotch whiskey behind the bar. Compass box continues to push the boundaries of whiskey producing for sure. “This is not a luxury whiskey” Limited release of 4,992 btls worldwide. 79% Glen Ord 19yr, 10.1% 40yr Strathclyde, 6.9% Girvan, 30yr Caol Ila. Sultanas, sweet sherry and concentrated floral notes combine with deep demerara sweetness, cacao and lighter creamy coconut character. An inviting nose, fat and full-bodied on the palate with a long lingering sweet-smoke finish. “Flaming Heart” Limited edition release of 12,060 btls worldwide. 27.1 % Caol Ila, 24.1% clynelish, 10.3% Hiighland Malt, 38.5% Coal Ila A unique interplay between spice, sweet and smoke characteristics. Sweet fruits and wood-smoke on the nose. Fat and full-bodied on the palate with a spicy sweetness and a brooding complexity that is rich, sweet and addictively decadent. First released in 2006, Flaming Heart was the first whisky to combine the rich, complex spice of Scotch aged in new French oak with the evocative peat-fired smoke of Islay malt. It has been released three more times since then. #Scotch#bourbon #whiskey #ryewhiskey #neighborhoodbar #classic #drinkbourbon #compassbox #flamingheart #thisisnotaluxurywhiskey #barlife #instagood #whiskeybar

A photo posted by Compass Box Whisky Co (@compassboxwhiskyco) on

Kavalan is a Whisky brand that is fast on the rise. Their Instagram gives you a glimpse into the wonderful world where they craft their product. You get to see the people behind the scenes as well as parts of the process that contribute to making such fantastic drams. Similar to Suntory they also explore their scenery around the distillery and each photo is aesthetically stunning and of a high quality. This speaks a lot about the quality of Kavalan overall and creates a fantastic style around the brand.


Recharring #Kavalan #KavalanWhisky #噶瑪蘭 #KavalanDistillery #KingCar #Yilan #Taiwan A photo posted by Kavalan Whisky 噶瑪蘭威士忌 (@kavalanwhisky) on

French Whisky brand Brenne are able to catch the easy going and fun filled style of their product with their bright and colourful Instagram shots. They capture a lot more than just the character of the Whisky and create a lifestyle around choosing Brenne as your favourite dram. Contrary to many Scotches Brenne have a bright and eager style that gives a different image than what we are used to seeing from Whisky brands. This account is refreshing and adds a new perspective on a timeless drink.


“When they go low, we go high.” #RaiseYourGlass #Cheers ? #AvecBrenne

A photo posted by Brenne Whisky (@brennewhisky) on

As with many of the accounts featured in this article Laphroaig are able to capture a truly stunning aesthetic around their brand. The images create a soft and relaxing character for their whiskey and will definitely have you reaching for a bottle in nostalgia if nothing else. Not only do they capture the character of Laphroaig but they are also able to capture the true Scottish roots that go into making this dram.



Caption this. A photo posted by Laphroaig (@laphroaig) on

Glenfiddich focus a lot on soundbites that describe their brand and represent their qualities they stand for. This is a fantastic way to learn about the brand and to understand that it is more than just imagery that creates a style. This Instagram gives you a intimate insight into Glenfiddich and all the effort that goes into creating great Whisky as well as a great brand. Along the way they also celebrate their rich history giving you the chance to learn more about the influence they have had on the industry and how they have grown into the world renowned company they are today.


Jameson are a brand that celebrate a lot about culture especially with their Firstshot initiative that gives aspiring moviemakers the chance to have their scripts made into a short films. Their Instagram account allows you to watch the processes they go along and to learn more about exciting and inspiring projects they’re taking on. At the heart of all this is Jameson Whiskey itself which also always features prominently and will inspire you to make your own creative endevours, whether they are Whiskey themed or not.



Sign up at www.jamesonfirstshot.com #jamesonfirstshot A photo posted by Jameson Irish Whiskey (@jamesonwhiskey) on

Following Glenmorangie on Instagram is the perfect way to discover exciting cocktails that include your favourite Whisky. They will make you believe that you can easily make these cocktails at home regardless of whether or not you actually can. This is the perfect way to glean inspiration for impressing frinds and family with your mixology skills. And if you can manage to recreate such impressive images of these cocktails as Glenmorangie have, then you will be well on your way to being at number one mixologist.


Highland Park really blossom on their Instagram account and take a shift away from their typical dark and brooding imagery. The explore many different ways that you can view their Whisky and explore their drams in new and interesting situations constantly. There Instagram truly gives insight into this well renowned brand and allows it to open itself up to and new stylistic possibilities.

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