Cats who like a drink on Instagram

Instagram opens us up to whole new world beyond our own. And part of that world involves cats who like a tipple now and again.

We’ve rounded up 5 accounts that bring together everyone’s favourite YouTube stars, aka Cats, and everyone’s favourite thing to do while they watch said cats aka drinking.

1. @Cats.and.cocktails

This account really has it all in the name. It is dedicated to the cocktail making capers of Cinder and Calvin, the night sidekicks of mixologist Ryan Musselman. The account is predominantly made up of Cinder and Calvin with a foreground of ingredients to make some impressive cocktails. Each one is very exciting and will definitely have you turning into an amateur mixologist. This is definitely the perfect Instagram for anyone who loves cats and cocktails. Ryan even features guest cats every now and again so keep your eyes peeled!

2. @catsontap

Cats. Beer. What more could you ask for? This account explores the joys of both these things together. From cats who live in breweries to cats who just like the odd cold one now and again, this is a full and detailed exploration into the life of cats who like beer. There are also every different type of breed of cat, which to me simply means a ginger one, a grey one, a black one and the odd calico, other than that I am definitely no cat expert! This is definitely worth a look for the adorable-ness if nothing else.

3. @distillerycats

Ah the life of a distillery cat is a charmed one. And it is the life that most Whisky enthusiasts could only dream of. The chance to live in an actual distillery, spending your days lazily hanging around all the machinery and enjoy the odd dram (obviously for the cats this only happens when someone drops theirs). Distillery Cats brings together photos of these marvellous moggies and lets you see what they are all getting up to, cue maximum jealous and plenty of “awwwws” along the way.

4. @corsairdistillery

As well as getting to follow an exciting craft distillery, following Corsairs on Instagram means you get to follow the various cats that hang around the distillery. These include Copper and Pizza Cat, who are so on point with theirInstagram game they will put all your selfies to shame. They literally look good in every photo. And they get to live in a distillery. Some cats just have it all! Corsairs itself is the brain child of Derek Bell and Andrew Webber and they make some interesting products, including Quinoa Whisky and Artisan Gin.

5. Apollo Peak

This is the Instagram of Apollo Peak Wine for Cats. Really there isn’t more to say on the matter since it basically consists of cats drinking wine made for cats. And with that description, is there really anymore you could ask for? It has wine, it has cats. Life sorted.

YUM. #catsofinstagram #catwine #catlovers #winelovers #catoftheday #meow

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