Whiskies to enjoy with the European Football Championships (this year or next…)

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With the most exciting (non-whisky related) event of the year probably not about to start due to the Coronavirus, what better way to celebrate than enjoying a dram for every country. This is being published mostly because I already bloody ages the time putting this together!

We’ve brought together a list of whiskies (and some non-whiskies) to enjoy during every match, no matter who is playing.


Turkey – Tekel Ankara Viski

The one and only whisky (or Viski as it’s known in Turkey) to be produced in the country, Tekel Ankara can be hard to get your hands on. It was originally made by Tekel, the state whisky and tobacco producer, but after privatisation in 2000, distilling was shut down.

Italy – Puni Italian Malt Whisky

Puni produce a whole range of whiskies in Glorenza, otherwise known as the Italian Highlands. These are definitely taking a look at, having won multiple awards. We recommend Alba to start.

Wales – Penderyn

Of course we’re going for Penderyn to represent Wales. The distillery produces great malts that are well worth getting into – football season or not.

Switzerland – Hollen Single Malt

Another hard to come by dram, but well worth it. First produced in Switzerland in the 1990s, Hollen is a really interesting malt. They have a 10 year oldmaturd I Pinot Noir casks that is very good.


Denmark – Stauning

Stauning have been making malt and rye whiskies since 2005. They started as a group of friends just looking to make some good Danish malt, and are now a well established and respected distillery.

Finland – Kyro

Made in Isokyro in Finland, Kyro Rye Whisky is made from 100% wholegrain Finnish rye. A truly intriguing whisky, with big notes of spicy and sweet rye that you might expect, but with a lot of Finnish character.

Belgium – Belgian Owl

The Belgian Owl hails from the Hesbaye region of Belgium is an award winning distillery. They have received many accolades, including the Liquid Gold award, several years running. High praise indeed!


While the Russians may have made whisky in the 1940s – Soviet and Whisky 73 – they have never sold any whisky outside of Russia. But that might all change. In recent years, two brands, Praskovey and Dageston, have started to produce new make spirit. So there could be Russian whisky on your shelves yet!

Group C:

Netherlands – MillStone

MillStone Whisky comes form the Dutch Zuidam Distillery and has been around since 1975, which is a long time relative to most brands on this list. In that time they have perfected the art of distilling and make a fine dram.

Austria – Uuahouua

While you might struggle with the pronunciation of Uuahouua, you will not struggle with the taste. Their Pinot Noir matured malt is excellent. They actually have a wide range of finishes, including Cherry and Port.

Group d:

England - The Lakes

Where better to represent English whisky than the Lakes Distillery. It represents one of the most beautiful areas in the country, as well as some of the finest malt.

Croatia – Pepel-Co

Another “watch this space”, because while Croatia has not historically made whisky, with the establishment of their first cooperage and distillery, Pepel-Co, they will soon be making their first drams.

Czech Republic – Hammer Head

It might be difficult to come by, even in the Czech Republic itself, but Hammer Head is worth uncovering. It hails from the Pradli Distillery, which was founded way back in 1784!

Group E:

Spain – Destilerias Y Crianza

Founded in 1958, DYC was created to make Spanish whisky as good as Scotch. They might not be quite there yet, but that doesn’t mean they don’t make excellent malt. Their 10 Year Old is simply brilliant.


Yet another award winning distillery from Europe, Mackmyra are leading the charge in Swedish whiskies. We definitely recommend tucking into some of this, and it’s not even that hard to get your hands on.

Poland – STARKA

Ok, not quite a whisky, but a spirit made from fermented rye mash all the same. It has a long history of production and is definitely worth looking at for the curiosity if nothing else.

Group F:


Unfortunately there aren’t any whisky distilleries in Portugal but we highly recommend you get some sherry in. Portugese sherry, especially the Moscatel kind, is very often used to matured your favourite drams.


Perhaps the most well-known whisky with French provenance, Brenne is a young brand with a bright future. They stick to their heritage as well, maturing their malt in French Limousin Oak and Cognac casks.


Made by Hardenberg, Beverbach is an excellent German whisky brand. Their single malt is finished in brandy barrels, which adds a wonderful fruit flavour.

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