The Lakes Distillery The ONE Limited Edition Blended English Whisky Review

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This is quite an exciting release from The Lakes Distillery, bringing together drams from all across the British Isles with a deliciously rich sherry cask finish.

It was released to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the distillery, and the second anniversary of the Whisky itself.

Limited to only 3,335 bottles, this blend was finished in oloroso sherry hogsheads and is a really great dram that is definitely worth getting your hands on.

Their previous versions of The ONE have been award winning and it would be no surprise if this limited edition were follow suit.

Made from some of the finest malts from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, this is a cross border Whisky with great depth and complexity.

The oloroso sherry finish on this limited edition, is the cherry on top, giving a sweet richness and juicy undertone of ripe fruits throughout.

The nose opens with a rich sherried sweetness, full of dried fruits and spice.  The flavour is distinctly different from the original The ONE, with a darker tone a sweeter fruit flavours coming through.

Once you really get into the nose, saccharine honeyed notes make an appearance and are emphasised by the slight tang of citrus fruits underneath.  There is also a dull smoky taste in the background that stands out against the sweetness at the forefront.

On the palate these flavours come to life and entice the taste buds with a rich complexity and depth.

The oak of the hogshead casks can be tasted and combines with the sweet oloroso sherry.

The wooded notes become spicy, with apples dusted in cinnamon and nutmeg and soaked in sherry bursting over the tongue.  The smoke also becomes more rich and noticeable than on the nose and creates a wonderful backdrop to the sherry characteristics,

There is also a wonderfully nutty flavour, with hazelnuts and almonds joining the fruits.

The finish lingers with a warming sensation and an incredibly smooth mouth feel.  The spices and sweetness round off well together and you will certainly be reaching for more.

This is a wonderful dram that builds on the previous expressions released from The Lakes Distillery and is a great bolster to the already successful range.

The sherry cask finish was the perfect way to round off this dram and allows the flavours of smoke and spice to combine on the palate.

The richness of the oak and the sweetness of the sherry is the perfect couple and the addition of this particular blend has really brought those flavours to life!

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