Top Ten Whisky and Whiskey Gifts for Father’s Day 2019

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Whisky and Whiskey Gifts for this Father’s Day, June 16th 2019, can be a challenge to get right. This is a day to celebrate fathers all around the world and their contribution to families, their children and future generations, no matter what that contribution and involvement might be.

Its that time again where my inbox starts to fill up with requests for help finding father, grandfather and father-in-law the perfect Whisky and Whiskey Gifts. As is tradition here at GreatDrams, I reply to every single email request and then summarise my recommendations in a rather lengthy list, so, without further ado here is the GreatDrams Top Ten Whisky and Whiskey Gifts gifts for Father’s Day 2019.  

Single Cask Scotch Whisky Exclusively available from GreatDrams

1. One of the last bottles of our exclusive single cask Craigellachie 11 Year Old single malt whisky, 46.2% ABV

Bottle cost: £65

This robust Speyside single malt has had a unique Oloroso Sherry cask finish giving it a lovely warming spice and fruity character

“This is an absolute top notch whisky ! Super moorish and oozes bundles of summer fruits and berries. The finish in the Oloroso cask works wonders for this dram, lovely stuff !” – Chris Farrell, customer

Only 50 bottles left at time of publishing.

2. one of the last remaining bottles of our Invergordon 11 Year Old Single Cask

Bottle cost: £25

Described as being like drinking boozy butter, this might just be the smoothest whisky you’ll ever own.

“The light, silky Invergordon offers insight into a distillery not many people will be familiar with, and the liquid serves as a great, everyday sipper. I can easily see a bottle of this being cracked open among 4 or 5 friends, the cork being thrown away, and the bottle being drained over the course of a night. It also strikes me as a whisky to be played around with – it would no doubt work well in a highball or other refreshing cocktail”
– Tiger White of the peerless EdinburghWhiskyBlog 

3. A signed copy of my book, The GreatDrams of Scotland Book

Bottle cost: £15

A great gift for any whisky lover in your life, this gift set includes a signed copy go my The GreatDrams of Scotland and a miniature of our exclusive Ardmore single cask. A perfect pairing.

Single malt magic

1. Ailsa Bay 1.2 

Bottle cost: £15

The Ailsa Bay 1.2 whisky itself is superb; sweeter and peatier than the original Ailsa Bay release, but incredibly well balanced. This is not a peated single malt whisky that slaps you around the face like a Laphroaig or an Ardbeg, but it has a sweet, reassuring oomph to it.

2. Tennessee Bourbon Whisky #1 14 Year Old (That Boutique-y Whisky Company)

Bottle cost: £64.13

14 year old Tennessee bourbon whisky from an undisclosed distillery, independently bottled by that Boutique-y Whisky Company

3. Aberfeldy 19 Year Old Self Fill Distillery Exclusive

The Aberfeldy 1999 19 Year Old Self Fill Distillery Exclusive Cask 20658 Single Malt Scotch Whisky, a 19 year old Single Malt that was bottled and released in 2018, has been matured in Sherry casks and is a distillery exclusive.

The palate is rich and sophisticated. Notes of orchard fruits, raisins, dried apricots and figs appear. They are smothered in caramel and a smattering of cinnamon.


beautiful blends

1. Dewar's Double Double 27 Year Old

A highly aged blended Scotch whisky finished in Palo Cortado sherry casks… Palo Cortado can be a weird mofo, you don’t see it often and when you do it always raises both eyebrows and smiles. I’ve only tried a handful of Palo Cortado matured / finished whiskies, this one was pleasantly smooth, fruity… but still a tad weird!


Available in duty free and the US now


2. Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition

Bottle cost: £25.95

The latest edition to the series is an IPA matured blend, and it is excellent.

Rather than meaning Indian Pale Ale, which most beer fans will know it as, IPA here means Irish Pale Ale. A nice twist on an old favourite.

The casks were first sent from Jameson to the brewery, and after they had been seasoned with IPA, they were returned to the distillery, where they were filed with Jamesons’ blended malt.


3. Chivas 25 Year Old

Bottle cost: £224.92

The Chivas 25 Year Old is a particularly fine example of what Chivas can do. This dram dates back to 1909 when it was first released, and with a Whisky this good, it’s no wonder they kept making it.

The nose opens with sweet nuts and caramel. There are hazelnuts and lots of almonds coming through that give this dram a great depth.

These are joined by tangy orange peels and sweet peaches. The fruits in the nose are ripe and juicy, with lots of flavour to them.

The palette grows these and gives them a full body. The mouth feel is soft and rich and has lots of flavour to it.


Want to push the boat out for your Whisky and Whiskey Gifts?

Why not buy that special person a whisky / whiskey gift they will never forget, and will last a very long time, their very own cask of whisky.

We offer a personal service with no hidden fees, and can provide end to end fulfilment; cask sourcing, storing, bottling, labelling and delivery… we can even guide you through various license applications you may need for the end purpose of your whisky so that you comply with HMRC regulations, laws and duty payments. 

GreatDrams have made buying a cask of whisky easy, just fill in the form at the link below to give us an idea of what you are looking for, and Greg will be in touch with you personally to start the ball rolling and to provide initial options you may want to consider. Simple! 

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below and let’s have a chat!

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