Chivas 25 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky Review

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Chivas Brothers dates back to 1801 when they first opened their own grocery store. They specialised in luxury goods and it was fairly common for gorcers at the time to blend and sell their own Whisky.

It just so happened that the Chiva Brothers were especially good at this and their blends soon became very popular.

They were so popular herself, that even Queen Victoria had herd of them and in 1846 they were given a Royal Warrant, meaning they could use the Royal coat of arms on their bottling, as a sort of seal of approval.

Today they have a great reputation, bolstered by thir incredible range of drams.

Of this range the 25 Year Old is a particularly fine example of what Chivas can do.

This dram dates back to 1909 when it was first released, and with a Whisky this good, it’s no wonder they kept making it.

The nose opens with sweet nuts and caramel. There are hazelnuts and lots of almonds coming through that give this dram a great depth.

These are joined by tangy orange peels and sweet peaches. The fruits in the nose are ripe and juicy, with lots of flavour to them.

The orange peel is especially good and offers up a lovely zest to gentle caramel flavours.

The palette grows these and gives them a full body. The mouth feel is soft and rich and has lots of flavour to it.

Warm caramel and spice come through, with a lovely oak wood note.These are joined by chocolate and marzipan, which add a sugary sweetness to the Whisky.

The oranges of the nose are present as well and continue to give lots of zesty fruit flavours.

The finish s long and lingers on chocolate and fruit. The ending is exquisite and ties everything up in a neat little bow that tastes of oak wood.

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