Jameson Caskmates IPA Matured Blended Irish Whiskey

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Bringing a new understanding to IPAs, Jameson Caskmates IPA combines their most popular malt with Irish Pale Ale seasoned casks.


Jameson have been around since 1780 so you’d like to think they’d had a few new ideas in that time.

Caskmates is just one of those ideas and the series includes a Stout matured edition and now an IPA matured edition.

The partnership with the Franciscan Well Brewery in Cork started when the brewery approached Jameson and asked for some casks to mature their Stout. In return, the distillery asked for some casks to mature their Whiskey.

A beautiful friendship resulted and today we have Caskmates. The series combines the flavours of the Franciscan Brewery with the traditions and expertise of Jameson.

The IPA Edition

The latest edition to the series is the Jameson Caskmates IPA matured blend, and it is excellent. Rather than meaning Indian Pale Ale, which most beer fans will know it as, IPA here means Irish Pale Ale. A nice twist on an old favourite.

The casks were first sent from Jameson to the brewery. After they had been seasoned with IPA, they were returned to the distillery, where they were filled with Jamesons’ blended malt.

The flavours are brilliant, with the sweetness of the Jameson and the refreshing note of citrus and hops.

Tasting notes for Jameson Caskmates IPA Blended Irish Whiskey

Bottle cost: £25.95

The nose begins with grapefruit, lemon and hops. Malted grains with a hint of caramel also comes out. Nuts and oak wood develop and add a lovey depth, especially to the grains.

The palate is rich and fruity, with a very natural flavour. It has plenty more hops and malted grain, providing a luxurious backdrop for the zest and liveliness of the fruit.

The oak wood is sweet with hints of spice. Cinnamon, vanilla and caramel abound, with big notes of lime. It has a delicate hint of orchard, with dew covered grass and crisp apples.

The finish lingers on apples, with limes and a little bit of hops.

This is a really exciting innovation from Jameson and it’s great to see them flexing their muscles. Lots more to come as well so keep an eye out.

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4 thoughts on “Jameson Caskmates IPA Matured Blended Irish Whiskey”

  1. After read your article I thought I can imagine that whiskey like white wine and maybe a little bit like Hakushu , anyway I like Jameson and thank for your sharing, after read that I really want to try it

  2. Had this neat, and on the rocks.
    The description is absolutely accurate.
    Especially loved it when I let it sit with a single solid cube and tasted how the flavour expanded.
    Ended on an awesome citrusy note mixed with the traditional caramelized Jameson flavour. This is a must have for your home bar. And it’s Made to be savoured.


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