Jameson Caskmates Irish Whisky Review

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Everyone loves a good dram of Whisky and a nice pint of beer, but what about the two together?

Enter the Great Drams Jameson Caskmates Review.

Grant’s have already successfully made the marriage with their ale cask finished blends and now Jameson are trying their hand with their recent release of Caskmates.

Aged in casks that once held craft Irish stout, Jameson Caskmates is an impressive release.

This launch comes under the category “experimental edition”, highlighting the innovation that has gone into it.

It all began in 2013 when Jameson put their heads together with Franciscan Well, a microbrewery based in Cork.

The first experiments were to see the effect of Whisky casks on the aging of stout.

These barrels were then returned to Jameson to be refilled with Whisky, and as such, Caskmates was born.

The name perfectly captures the companionship of the two liquids.  They bounce off each other harmoniously to create a smooth maltiness from nose to finish.

Irish whisky is already well known for its smooth mouth-feel, having been triple distilled.

With the addition of stout casks, there is a distinctive hops and barley flavour that gives the Whisky a delicate essence that you can’t help but appreciate.

And appreciated it has been!  It sold out pretty quickly when first released, prompting the distillery to release a second batch.

Caskmates has grown in popularity since its initial release and has now been rolled out across the United States.

Once you taste a drop of the stuff, it really becomes clear just why it is admired.  As well as an incredible mouth-feel, the taste is something to be taken seriously.

Caskmates opens with a nose that will take you to the countryside and leave you there to frolic in the fields and orchards.

It is filled with sweet, honeyed fruits and fresh cut hay.  From green apples and pears to bananas and tangy citrus fruits, there is a wide range of tastes that will only entice you into sampling a dram.  And then sampling some more.

There is a wonderful subtle oakiness in the nose that becomes slightly nutty as it goes on.  It maintains that initial sweetness with hazelnuts and pecans, mixing well with the ripe fruits.

Underneath it all is that delicious hint of hops and barley, just a sample of what is yet to come.

The fruits burst onto the palate and of course the hops and barley fully reveal themselves.

The smoothness that is so characteristic of Irish whisky emphasises these flavours.

Out of the fruit comes a cherries and marzipan sweetness that complements the subtle oak wood greatly.  These flavours work so well together, especially with the hops in the background.

There is a great depth to the flavours that speaks highly of the stout ageing.

Caskmates rounds off perfectly.  The finish is long and lingering and you’ll be reaching for more before the flavour has left your mouth.

There is a sweetness in the finish, with a slight chocolate hint.  Again, the smoothness makes it all go down very nicely.


The Jameson Caskmates review verdict

This is definitely a dram for those who love Irish Whisky as it has all the characteristics typical of the island’s best malts.

But more importantly, it is a dram for any Whisky lover out there who wants to try something a little different and broaden their Whisky horizons!

Here’s the bottle on the Jameson website.

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2 thoughts on “Jameson Caskmates Irish Whisky Review”

  1. Hey Greg,

    Albeit this sounds like an interesting whisky to try, I really struggle to see how it’s innovative. Grant’s has been doing Ale casks for some time now.

    Innovative implies original…

    I do look forward to getting to try this though.


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