Cotswolds Reserve Single Malt English Whisky

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Hailing from the glorious English countryside, Cotswolds Distillery is one of England’s leading distilleries and their Cotswold’s Reserve Single Malt is an excellent addition to their line up.

Pride of England

Whisky distilling first took place in England centuries ago but for a long, long time since, it has been virtually non-existent. In the last 20-30 years, the art form has picked back up and once again England is home to some incredible whiskies.

In the last 10 years especially, there have been distilleries popping up everywhere. The market is booming and craft distilleries are massively popular. Cotswolds Distillery is one of those, but has been around for a fairly significant amount of time. It first opened in 2014 and has been thriving ever since.

Their new Reserve Single Malt Whisky was released alongside a Bourbon Cask Single Malt. 

Founder of the distillery, Dan Szor, explains, “We always planned to launch a Bourbon Cask Single Malt ever since 2014 when we founded the distillery. Our house style is to produce spirits with big flavours and by using first-fill ex-Bourbon casks, which arrive at the distillery with their staves soaked in Bourbon whisky, we ensure a full and rich flavour for this wonderful cask strength expression.”

“Our new Reserve Single Malt joins our range of single malt whiskies. We’re excited to launch this smooth, elegant and approachable whisky expression which has been aged in first-fill ex-Bourbon casks and STR ex-red wine casks.”

Tasting notes for Cotswolds Distillery Reserve Single Malt English Whisky

The nose opens with wonderful sweet notes of oak wood and caramel. It is rich and aromatic and has lovely hints of chocolate and vanilla. There is a delicate note of apple and pear.

The palate brings in lots of toasted grain notes and more oak wood. The sweetness is well rounded and slightly warming. There are lovely malted notes that give it a delightful comforting feel.

The finish lingers on caramel and oak wood.

This is a delectable malt from the Cotswolds Distillery. Their Reserve Single Malt is a fantastic new release that brings character and exciting flavours.


What are your thoughts on the new Cotswolds Distillery Reserve Single Malt English Whisky? Let us know in the comments!

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