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Van Brunt Distillery and Stillhouse was established in 2012 in the hipster district of Red Hook, in New York.

Sticking to tradition

While the Van Brunt Distillery and Stillhouse may have been founded during a massive boom in Whisky popularity and at a time when plenty of craft distilleries are popping up, Van Brunt has a certain reverence for the traditions of the past.

The brand was created by husband and wife teamDaric Schlesselman and Sarah Ludington with the idea of creating a very traditional farmhouse style Bourbon in the heart of the city.

Bringing Distilling Home

It is named for Cornelius Van Brunt, a Dutch founder of the Brooklyn area, or Breukelen, as it was called originally. The idea is to “reclaim” the area for distilling, which it was once largely known for.

The distillery was a labour of love, with friends and family coming together to put it all together.

The Whisky they make is made with the best grains, sourced from upstate New York, tying in with the more traditional feel the brand has.

Craft by nature

Everything about Van Brunt Distillery and Stillhouse carries the feeling that this is a craft distiller, from where they source their grains, to how they present their spirits.

They don’t just do Whisky either and have a range of drinks. Their first releases was a Rum, called Due North. It was a nod towards America’s colonial past and relationship with the Caribbean.

Today Van Brunt Distillery and Stillhouse have a host of spirits on their roster, including five Whiskies, with more to come as well.

By sticking to tradition and upholding the processes of the past that made the American Whisky industry what it is today, Van Brunt have been able to create a brand that appeals to everybody.

Their drinks are celebrated and widely enjoyed, and they are definitely a brand to keep an eye on.

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