Dewar’s Portuguese Smooth Blended Scotch Whisky

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A new blend from one of Scotch’s most loved brands, Dewar’s Portuguese Smooth is an intriguing whisky.

New Horizons

Dewar’s are pushing the boat out and exploring new ways of doing things with their malt. In an industry that is well over 200 years old, it can be easy to stick to what you know. But with their Portuguese Smooth blend, Dewar’s are taking their whisky to new heights.

Aged 8 years and finished in Ruby Port casks, this is a bit different to what the brand has brought to us in the past. It is part of their new cask finished collection, which explores different ways of maturing blends.

Brian Cox, Vice President for Dewar’s North America said, “The whisky category has a certain mythology of its own, replete with traditional conventions. We created the Dewar’s cask-finished series to break the mould and evolve those traditions by bringing two product elaboration cultures together – in this case from Scotland and Portugal – to create something richer.

“Though we can’t travel to the Highlands of Scotland or the Douro Valley of Portugal this year, we crafted Dewar’s Portuguese Smooth to engage all those with wanderlust and curiosity.

“The brand has long been driven by a natural curiosity and, with 2021 ringing in our 175th anniversary, we hope that Dewar’s Portuguese Smooth will inspire people to look beyond the obvious, or their ‘usual tipple’, and to discover a new whisky that will enthral the senses and delight the palate.”

Tasting notes for Dewar’s Portuguese Smooth 8 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky

Bottle cost: £28

The nose opens with fresh notes of orchard fruit, smoke and caramel, it is sweet and oaky, with hints of wood and sweet nuts. A gentle nod towards Port wine comes through.

The palate is warming and heavy with Port notes. Red wine, dried fruits and floral notes give it a complex but lovely flavour profile. There is a lot to be unpicked here. Oak wood, smoke and caramel give it a lovely whisky base but the Port notes really take over.

The finish is bold and full of red wine, smoke and caramel.

Portuguese Smooth is a fascinating blend with lots of richness and a complex flavour. Dewar’s have high hopes for how much it can do to bring people out of their usual go to drams, but with a flavour as intriguing as this, it is at least worth a go.

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