The Jameson Whiskey Experience, Dublin

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Where better to learn all you need to know about Jameson Whiskey than the place where it all began?

Bow Street in Dublin is the site of the original Jameson Distillery and is now a visitor’s centre and tourist attraction.

This is a must if you ever find yourself in Dublin’s fair city, whether you are a Jameson fan or not.

At Bow Street you will learn everything you need to know about the brand as well as about the history of Irish Whiskey, and the huge influence Jameson has had on the industry.

There are three different tours on offer and each is so good you’ll have a hard time choosing between them.

The Bow Street Experience

The first, the Bow Street Experience, takes 40 minutes and will have you talking with an Irish brogue at the end of it!

It tells the tale of John Jameson and the Whiskey legacy he has left us with today. Fully knowledgeable and experienced guides, who are eager to answer your questions, will lead you round the distillery.

This is not only the life of John Jameson, but also the massive influence he had on Irish Whiskey and the Jameson brand in particular.

You will also get the chance to take part in a comparative tasting of Jameson vs American and Scotch whiskies, with people who know exactly what they’re talking about.

This allows you to put your newfound knowledge of the quality of Jameson’s to the test.

The Whiskey Makers Experience

This is a really exciting experience, and personally, I think it’s my favourite.

In the Whiskey Shakers Experience you will learn how to make the best tasting cocktails as well as learning about the history of them.

Guided by a Jameson Bartender, you are encouraged to get creative and make both tried and tasted cocktails and some that are crafted just for this experience.

The experience takes part in the Shakers’ Room where you will be provided with everything you need to make the finest cocktails.

With mixology on the rise everyone wants to be able to impress with their cocktail making skills, and this experience gives you the chance to learn some facts and some skills.

The experience ends with the chance to try Whiskey straight from the barrel in the Maturation House, a brilliant way to wrap up a day of fun and learning!

One thing’s for sure, this is an experience that has been thoroughly thought through

From the laser etched JJ&S logo marque in the cocktail making tools, to the under-table coat hooks being brass Js, and the subtle design details that bring the minute details of the brand and Jameson story to life without shouting about it, are all just superb.

You still get to bottle your own whiskey too, and have a personalised whiskey labelled with your name or whatever you want too, only available at the distillery.

This is a phenomenal distillery experience, one that, for me, sets a new benchmark.

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