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Where better to enjoy the finest drams than in the City the Never Sleeps? A place that is relentless in its quest for life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness... not to mention the quest for amazing bar experiences.

New York is famous for its nightlife and has some of the most renowned bars in the world. It offers everything you could possibly imagine, and more. We explore the best New York bars to visit while you’re there.

In recent years New York has really raised the bar for whisky, whiskey, bar and mixology experiences throughout the city. Some of the most experimental and exciting bartenders live here, work here and play here so you are in very good hands with a bar to cater whatever your needs may be whether you’re looking for a wonderful cocktail, a fabulous whiskey list, the biggest Irish whiskey collection in the city, a drink on your own, with friends or whatever you might be after. There are all kins of New York bars to visit.

We’ve rounded up some of the places we think you’ll love mulling over a dram or two in the Big Apple.

Remember just there now when we said New York had some of the most renowned bars in the world? Well with Dead Rabbit, you will literally be in the pub that has been voted World’s Best Bar in the 2016 World’s 50 Best Bars competition. It has also been crowned Best Bar in North America four times.

It is a modern retelling of the traditional Irish pub, with a hearty atmosphere and hospitality coming out of their ears. They also serve a traditional British and Irish menu that will have you salivating in no time. Definitely try the devilled eggs with lobster – absolutely delightful. 

Behind the bar, their range of Irish Whiskies is second to none. They have everything you could ever hope to enjoy. Their cocktail menu is also incredible, and you will definitely find a new favourite amongst its pages. It is actually very well known for its cocktails, and has a book of recipes as well.

You will genuinely get lost in all the whiskeys available to try, the advice here would be to pick either a brand, a style or a price point you want to explore and then dive in. Spending too much time with the menu will have you lost and without a drink in your hand for quite a while. This should be top of your list of New York bars to visit.

Address: 30 Water Street, New York, NY, 10004, United States 

Signature serve: Dead Rabbit don’t really do signature cocktails, but they are particularly proud of their punches, so sample one of those.

whiskey blue

Styled as “a modern take on New York’s legendary men’s clubs”, this bar will transport you back in time but keep you firmly rooted in all the bet bits about modern drinking. This is one of the classic New York bars to visit.

The mixology is amazing here and the staff will look after you very well. The atmosphere is sophisticated but not unwelcoming.

If you’re looking to experience a glimpse of the glamour of corporate New York, then this is the place. It is stylish and cool, with a drinks menu to match. The have some really exciting cocktails, as well as a few brilliant Whiskey based ones.

Address: 541 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10022, United States

Signature serve: GG Manhatten, but make sure you explore their American whiskey range primarily. 

Despite the name, this is a lively and intriguing bar. It is dark and atmospheric, with a really cool feel to it.

But if you’re going to come here, it should be for the cocktails. The menu is extensive and wildly impressive. They have everything you could ever dream of, as well as a fantastic selection of drams to enjoy straight as well.

You’ll feel effortlessly cool drinking here and will be returning time and time again to experience all that they have on offer. The bartenders are hugely knowedgable and keen to share their craft.

Address: 433 E 6th St, New York, NY 10009, United States

Signature serve: Oaxaca Old Fashioned

Another bar featured on the World’s Best Bars list, this is an offshoot of the well known Milk and Honey, a cocktail bar that is very well known in the mixology world.

When Milk and Honey moved to bigger premises, Attaboy opened in its wake, and has been doing some pretty impressive mixing of its own.

The bar staff here know their drinks and know them well. If you’re going to visit, be open to trying new things and experiencing some amazing combinations.

Address: 134 Eldridge St, New York, NY 10002, United States

Signature serve: Penicillin and their seasonal specials are well worth checking out. 

A fantastic opportunity to enjoy some drams distilled on site, the King’s County Distillery Bar is an exciting experience.

Based at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, the bar is the place to enjoy some rather wonderful cocktails made with Whiskey made right there.

Again, the bartenders really know their stuff and love to share their knowledge. They can craft some really amazing cocktails using the malt made here and are more than willing to indulge you.

The atmosphere is relaxed and easy going, the perfect place to sit down and enjoy a drop of the good stuff. 

For a great day out make sure you also book into one of their Distillery tours, they cost $14 and includes a walk through the truly craft Distillery hosted by an expert guide and a history lesson in American whiskey which in itself is fascinating. You then finish the tour by sampling a few of their products including their surprisingly smooth moonshine, their signature bourbon, their bottles in bond bourbon and even a jalapeño and grapefruit infused moonshine. 

Address: Kings County Distillery, 299 Sands St, Brooklyn, NY 11205, United States

Signature serve: Definitely try a cocktail with their American Bourbon, or the Penicillin made with their incredible peated bourbon; it really is superb.

Based on a Scottish gastropub, Highlands is the place to go for homely but amazing food and drinks.

The food is simply elegant, packed with flavour and cooked perfectly, but definitely not pretentious. They know what they’re good at and they do it.

The cocktails are also extraordinarily well done. You can find a really good range, with lots of different choices to suit lots of different tastes, but all done well. They offer new experiences alongside well-loved classics. 

Highlands is one of those places that you can always count on to get it right.

Address: 150 West 10th Street New York, NY 10014

Signature Cocktail: Highlands has a wide range of signature cocktails, but go for the Kith and Kin if you want something really special

Bringing together great music and great Whiskey, The Flatiron Room is one of the best venues to enjoy both in New York.

They use music to “enhance your dining and drinking experience” and have some incredible acts performing as your indulge in some excellent food and drinks.

Their Whiskey list is impressive and very well organised. You can find everything, fro the big name brands to the lesser known ones, such as Deanston or Whistlepig.

This is a bar that should be on your Whiskey bucket list. It has everything. A great atmosphere, great food, and most importantly, great Whiskey.

Address: 37 W 26th St, New York, NY 10010, United States

Signature Cocktail: Try the Pappy Van Winkle Old Fashioned, not a signature, but absolutely divine.

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