Widow Jane Baby Jane Heirloom Bourbon Whiskey Review

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A really interesting Bourbon made from non-GMO corn, Baby Jane is an excellent member of the Widow Jane family.

Keeping it local

Born out of the craft Whiskey revival that is currently taking place in New York, Widow Jane is a fascinating brand that has a lot of imagination behind it. Widow Jane Baby Jane is the perfect example of that.

Founded by Daniel Preston and Vince Oleson but now owned by Samson and Surrey, Widow Jane is leading a revolution in Whiskey distilling in New York.

Many distilleries have popped up in the city in recent years as part of the huge boom in the craft Whiskey industry.

It's Coming Home

This isn’t just because of the soaring interest people have in Whiskey now, but is also down to the fact that producers want to being distilling back to the city.

Distilling, especially of Gin and Whiskey was once a huge trade in New York but has struggled massively to find itself again since it fell during prohibition.

In the last couple of decades however, that has all changed and now there are around 10 distilleries in New York.

Widow Jane is one of those, based in the Red Hook district, and they are putting innovation at the forefront of the revival.

Widow Jane Baby Jane Heirloom Bourbon Whiskey Review

At Widow Jane it is all about ingredients. Playing with the concept of terrior, which is common in Wine making, the brand sources all their ingredients locally and are very clear about the benefits of doing so.

With Baby Jane, they have created an excellent Bourbon using non-GMO corn, which is also a hybrid between two types;Wapsie Valley and Bloody Butcher.

This makes up 80% of the mash bill, with the other 20% being made up in equal parts of rye and malted barley.

The final result is a unique and mouth wateringly good Bourbon.

Tasting notes for Widow Jane Baby Jane Heirloon Bourbon Whiskey

Bottle cost: £69.95

The nose opens with notes of malted grains, biscuits and caramel. It is wonderfully sweet, with a slightly savoury edge to it. There is a hint of herbal teas and orchard flavours coming through as well.

The palate is strong and sweet. More caramel and oak notes, with hints of marzipan and sharp summer berries.

Vanilla cake, all spice and cloves add a homely feeling, alongside a smooth and easy going mouth feel. Oak wood, with a slightly toasted appeal is joined by crisp apples and a nod towards dried fruits and dark molasses.

The finish is full of vanilla and raisins, with a little bit of oak wood and cloves.

Baby Jane is a stand out Whiskey from a distillery that is leading the way in bringing pioneering malts back to New York.

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