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Did you know that having opened its doors in 2003, Tuthilltown Spirits Farm Distillery was the first distillery in New York since Prohibition?

The distillery is based in a 220-year-old gristmill in Gardiner, New York. It was here that Ralph Erenzo and Brian Lee, who both have extensive knowledge of the industry and the effort it takes to create a fine whiskey, started Tuthilltown as a micro distillery.

Lee is responsible for all technical elements of the distillation process, having designed and built all technical aspects of the distillery himself.

Together, he and Erenzo have sought to bring back small batch, craft distilling to New York, something that was very common until Prohibition.

They are doing this be locally sourcing their ingredients, which includes apples from Hudson Valley farmers to make their Vodka and corn for their Whiskey that is bought from a nearby farm.

Tuthilltown has a vast array of spirits on offer and many of these are award-winning.

Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey

One such spirit is their Hudson Baby Bourbon whiskey, which achieved the accolade of a Gold Outstanding Medal at the International Wine & Spirits Competition in 2013 and a Gold Medal in the same year at the Crafts Spirits International Competition.

It is a fantastic example of just how good a Bourbon can be. It was matured using t2 gallon barrels, which, if you know anything about barrel sizes, you’ll know is a very small barrel.

This means the liquid is able to interact more with the wood and the finished product is incredibly complex and refined.

Hudson Baby Bourbon Review: Tasting Notes

Bottle cost: £26.53

Hudson Baby Bourbon opens with a nose of oak and sweet vanilla. The barrels’ influence can certainly be detected. The oak is warming and slightly smoky.

The vanilla is thick and sweet, with a little hint of burnt white sugar coming off it. There is also a nutty flavour, with hazelnuts and almonds appearing.

These grow on the palette and mix with the wood to produce a rich and complex dram. The sweetness of the vanilla also ties in with this and adds to the complexity.

There is also a nice hint of corn here that is slightly earthy and refreshing.

The white sugar becomes a thick caramel that lends a smooth and mellow mouth feel to the overall palette.

The white sugar becomes a thick caramel that lends a smooth and mellow mouth feel to the overall palette.

There is a delicate hint of cinnamon and nutmeg spice that adds a little kick towards the end. Again, this melds perfectly with the oak wood and really acts to enhance the flavour, giving it lots of body and life.

The sweetness of the caramel and the spiciness of cinnamon last into the finish, which is long and lingering, with lots of flavour behind it and a final nod toward oak wood.

All in all the whiskey itself made my Hudson Baby Bourbon review a real pleasure to write.

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