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A homage to the founder of the Virginia Distillery Company, Dr. George G. Moore, the Courage and Conviction Range is an intriguing set of American malts.

From Ireland to America

Dr. Moore was a well travelled man, have emigrated from Ireland to America in the 1970s. The journey proved to be fruitful and he became a successful businessman in the new world, lkiek many intrepid Irish before him.

Moore never forgot his roots, coming from an island with an intense history in distilling, and having set himself up in America, one of the world’s biggest whiskey makers. With this in mind, he started the Virginia Distillery Company in 2011.

Since then Moore has unfortunately passed away, but the distillery has become an excellent legacy and is now being direct by his wife Angela, his son, Gareth and Gareth’s wife Maggie. The Courage and Conviction Range has been created to remember the saying the George always stood by, “Have the courage of your convictions”.

Courage and Conviction Range

The Courage and Conviction American Whisky Range is an exploration in using the highest quality ingredients to make brilliant whiskey. Based in the glorious Blue Ridge Mountains, the Virginia Distillery has access to some of the finest ingredients and uses these to make Courage and Conviction.

Each malt has been crafted from 100% malted barley and fresh spring water from the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Tasting notes for Courage and Conviction Bourbon Cask Finished American Single Malt Whiskey

Bottle cost: $84.99

This malt has been matured in barrels that once held Kentucky Bourbon.

The nose begins with lots of sweet flavours. It is full of caramel and vanilla, with a deep oak note throughout.

The palate is rich and smooth, with a hint of smoke. Warming cinnamon and nutmeg appear and add a lovely depth. Cinder toffee, butterscotch and vanilla complement it further.

The finish lingers on oak wood and smoke.

Tasting notes for Courage and Conviction Sherry Cask Finished American Single Malt Whiskey

Bottle cost: $84.99

A range of Sherry casks have been used to matured this malt, including Oloroso, Fino and Pedro Ximenez.

The nose opens with dried fruit, caramel, vanilla, and cinnamon. It is sweet and spicy, with all the warming notes that you would expect from a fine Sherry matured malt.

The palate is elegant and full of sherried flavours. Malted barley also comes through and adds a nice grainy note. Oak with caramel, treacle and more dried fruits also appear.

The finish is sweet and full of spice.

Tasting notes for Courage and Conviction Cuvee Cask Finished American Single Malt Whiskey

Bottle cost: $84.99

There is something of a process that goes into Virginia Distillery’s maturation using Cuvee casks. The red wine casks are sourced from Europe and broken down when the first arrive at the distillery. They are then shaved, toasted and charred all over again before being re-assembled.

The nose is full of oak tannins, sweet caramel and red fruits. There is a hint of marzipan and sweet nuts in the background. It is slightly warming and aromatic. 

The palate brims with more fruit flavours and a hint of vanilla. It is slightly tart and the rich red wine notes add a lovely flavour here. Oak wood with spices and brown sugar complement it perfectly.

The finish has hints of smoke and oak wood.

Courage and Conviction is a high quality, flavour focused range that brings an exclusive feel to the American Single Malt category. This is a brilliant collection of malts and George Moore would certainly be proud to be associated with it.

Are you a fan of the Courage and Conviction Range? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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