287 Single Malt American Whiskey

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Bringing together two titans of the craft drinks industry, 287 Single Malt Whiskey is an excellent New York born malt.

Crafted in Partnership

287 Single Malt American Whiskey comes from the glorious partnership between Captain Lawrence Brewery and Still the One Distillery.

The story goes that Still the One Master Distiller Tyler LaCorata one day thought to himself; “Beer is made from grain, whiskey is made from grain…what if we made whiskey from beer made by a brewery?”

He approached Scott Vacarro, owner of the Captain Lawrence Brewery, which is local to the distillery, and the two worked on 287.

Both facilities are based in New York and create craft drinks with an artisanal feel. They have been around for over a decade and are highly thought of in their fields.

LaCorata is one of the main players at the Still the One Distillery, alongside Ryan Sadis as assistant distiller and Albert Saverese, who owns it. The distillery makes a range of spirits and are particularly proud of their honey based Vodkas and Gins.

287 Single Malt American Whiskey

Distilled from Freshchester Pale Ale brewed by the team at Captain Lawrence, the malt is then matured in new American oak barrels.

The idea behind the malt was to bring out the subtleties of malted barley and explore how grain affects flavour.  You can certainly taste the beer flavours coming through and the development of the grains is excellent.

Tasting notes for 287 Single Malt American Whiskey

The nose begins with big citrus and hops notes. It is full of ripe fruits that add a wonderful tang to the flavour. Grapefruits, apples, oranges and a hint of lemon all bring a tart sweetness to the overall flavour.

The palate is full of caramels and oak wood, with more hops and bold note of malted grains. Barley and wheat come through, adding a lovely backdrop for the citrus and sweet notes to bounce off. The oak wood really wraps these all together perfectly.There is also a refreshing quality to the overall flavour of the malt, with dew covered grass and a hint of smoke appearing.

The finish is bright and strong, with more oak and a touch of caramel sweetness.

Although 287 Single Malt American Whiskey is not the first beer-come-whiskey combination in the world, it is certainly an excellent example of the quality that can be achieved when done right.

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