Berry Bros. & Rudd launches its first proprietary spirits bottle and new advertising campaign, Since 1698

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Berry Bros. & Rudd has announced the exciting next step forward for its spirits range, being re-launched on the 6th July 2021.

Drawing on its heritage, spirits expertise and location in the heart of modern London, Berry Bros. & Rudd has revealed its Summer 2021 spirit range in a new, unique bottle supported by a new communications platform which captures the aspirational world of London’s style and elegance.

The company’s heritage and reputation has stood unwavering Since 1698 and its recognition as reliable experts in premium quality wines and spirits is supported by two Royal warrants and numerous independent awards.

This is the first-ever bespoke spirits bottle in the Company’s history. The iconic Berry Bros. & Rudd shop windows at No.3 St. James’s Street have been chosen by bottle and label designer Stranger and Stranger as inspiration and these, in turn, imbue the liquid in the bottle with the 323 years of associated experience and tradition.

As Guy Pratt, Design Director from Stranger and Stranger explains “The premises on St. James’ in the heart of London’s West End is inextricably tied to the history of old London and the host of famous and extraordinary people who have passed through its doors. It was the famous arched windows of the facade that provided a way to express the merchant’s prodigious spirit credentials within the mould of the bottle itself, added to the base of the bottle they echo both the iconic facade and the scalloped decoration you might typically find on a heavy spirits glass. In this way we were able to celebrate the brand and the home it has occupied since 1698 in a single mark. For appreciators of fine spirits who unfortunately cannot visit the shop itself, Berry Bros & Rudd have just brought the shop to you!”

The new bottle is to be used across the entire Berry Bros. & Rudd Spirits portfolio, the labels tailored to the needs of the drinkers with different levels of details as customers move through the price range.

The Summer Release 2021 will be the first to use the new bottle, coming in July 2021, and then all others in range will follow.


The new communication campaign – Since 1698- represents an important step forward as the brand expands its appeal to markets such as China, Germany, USA and UK.  It features pictures of British quality and style from within No.3 St James’s Street.  Dramatized through a series of lifestyle films and images, each brings to life groups of friends enjoying a glass of whisky with our own spirits experts and using the Berry Bros. &Rudd centuries-old interior architecture as a backdrop. “We are delighted with the result and we feel this new platform is the perfect way to bring Berry Bros.& Rudd to life,” says Sandrine Tyrbas de Chamberet, Global Brand Manager of Berry Bros. & Rudd Spirits.“Our aim was to showcaseour trusted expertise and aspirational British style in a warm and friendly manner, welcoming friends of today, whilst respecting our veritable heritage.”

In advance of the relaunch and new chapter in the history of Berry Bros & Rudd, Lizzy Rudd the Chairperson commented “I’m delighted that after over 300 years, we are opening another new chapter for our prestigious spirits range. The new packaging and advertising draws upon and respects our heritage, whilst celebrating who we are and what we stand for today. This is a hugely exciting new chapter in our world of premium quality spiritsWe look forward to welcoming in more people from across the world to enjoy our fine spirits, each cask hand-picked by our team of experts based in the heart of London.”

All the spirits selected and bottled under the Berry Bros. & Rudd name are done by Doug McIvor, one of the most respected and recognised spirits noses in the UK. He, alongside a team of other experts in Berry Bros. & Rudd are challenged to showcase truly exceptional liquids across a spectrum of affordability and exclusivity to be bottled proudly under the name of Berry Bros. & Rudd

The new whiskies from the Summer 2021 release includes 6 incredibly diverse and distinctive products from around the world. The Small Batch whiskies are a perfect way to begin exploring the unique character and style of some of Scotland’s most iconic distilleries. While most distilleries maintain a broadly consistent style and flavour, individual casks can vary significantly in taste and quality. The Small Batch selected for this Summer 2021 release is a 2009 Linkwood -a 12 year-old whisky from refill hogshead casks priced at £60 captures a distinctive interpretation of the distillery’s style and showcases exceptional quality and character that is unique to this limited-edition bottling, as well as a vivacious flavour profile of peach, banana and melon with a touch of toasted oak. The bottling is suited to a drinker keen to expand their knowledge of Speyside distilling.

Meanwhile, the new Single Cask bottlings continue a long-standing tradition of selecting distinctive single-cask bottlings from some of the very best producers in Scotland, a practice that began in the 1800s and is still honoured by the brand today but also embraces a more innovative approach in bottling exceptional whiskies from around the world with a curiosity to try new approaches such as the twin casks of Williamson and Guyana single casks. The Single Cask collection includes the 2014 Guyana Rum Finish from Islay producer Williamson, an idiosyncratic and powerful whisky matured in a former South American rum cask and priced at £80; and the floral and fruity Sutherland 2000, matured in a hogshead from the Highlands and priced at £170. Completing the line-up are a first fill Bourbon barrel finish of the rarely seen, heavily-peated malt Lochindaal from Bruichladdich distillery in Islay, priced at £200, and a rich, spicy and complex 2016 bottling from the Lark Distillery in Tasmania, priced at £250. All are suited to whisky connoisseurs in search of exquisite and exclusive bottlings from some truly iconic distilleries across a range of styles. Finally, the 2010 Islay Barrel Finish by Diamond Distillery in Guyana is an excellent example of the quality and flavour of the South American country’s rich rum-distilling heritage.

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