Tweeddale Grain of Truth Scotch Grain Whisky

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Hailing from the new Isle of Raasay distillery, this is a really interesting grain Whisky with some innovation behind it.

The Brand

R&B Distillers are a relatively new brand, with big dreams. They were founded by Alasdair Day, who has a family history of distilling. Their new Tweeddale Grain of Truth is a remarkable malt.

Day began R&B in 2014, alongside Bill Dobbie and the initials R&B stand for Raasay, the Hebridean island where the brand opened its distillery in 2017, and Borders which refers to the Scottish Borders region where Alasdair Day has whisky blending heritage.

A New Grain Whisky

Tweeddale is just one of the brands from that has come from R&B Distillers and is their Grain Whisky. The Tweeddale Grain of Truth is a stand out bottling.

It’s a brilliant expression, with lots of flavour, and has been made from 50% wheat and 50% barley.

Tasting notes for the Tweeddale Grain of Truth Scotch Grain Whisky

Bottle cost: £45.95

The nose opens with vanilla, honey and pecans. it is rich and

A slightly herbal note of thyme and fennel comes in, adding a
bit more depth to the overall taste.

The palate is spicy and fresh, with a crisp fruity flavour and lots of ginger to add warmth. Caramel and honey also abound. The oak of the barrels can be tasted in the vanilla notes, with a hint of cinnamon. More orchard fruit and a dash of cream appears.

The finish is really strong, with more warmth and oak wood.

The Tweeddale Grain of Truth Grain Whisky is a very exciting release, and it is good to see more being done with grain Whisky. if you’ve never had a grain Whisky before, we can’t recommend this one enough.

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