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Released to celebrate St. George’s Day,, the 13th Chapter of English Whisky Company malt has two bottlings, each with a unique label design.

Little England

Based in the idyllic Norfolk countryside, St George’s Distillery is quintessentially English. The brand led the charge to bring whisky distilling back to England when the distillery opened in 2006. It was the first registered whisky distillery in England in over a century. English whisky distilling had long been relegated to the past, but in recent years there has a been a big increase in whisky being made there. The English Whisky Company were one of the first to bring it back.

There are many more English whisky distilleries these days, but the English Whisky Company were somewhat pioneers, establishing themselves long before anyone else. They have some really interesting malts as well, all created by David Fitt, who is the Chief Whisky Maker at the distillery. Fitt was trained by Iain Henderson, who worked at Laphroaig for years.

Chapter 13

The distillery brings out lots of small batch releases, which it labels as Chapters. These are usually limited edition so it’s well worth looking out for them.

Chapter 13 was released in 2013 with a pretty spectacular dragon on the label. A second bottling was also released in 2014 to celebrate St. George’s Day. The label for the second limited edition bottling was designed by Emma Garner, who entered a competition held by English Whisky Company. It encapsulates everything great about Britain, in a colourful illustration.

Tasting notes for English Whisky Company’s Chapter 13 Single Malt Whisky

Bottle cost: £64.41

The nose begins with lots of fruit cake flavours; dried fruit, cinnamon and vanilla. Cinnamon spice heats up the aroma and goes well with a lovely brown sugar sweetness. There is also a delicate bitter coffee note in the background.

The palate is rich and sweet. There is a creamy texture with caramel, cloves and oranges coming out. It is spicy as well, with more cinnamon and a note of fennel. The warmth is brilliant and really brings it to life.

The finish is bold and long, with a lovely dryness.

Chapter 13 is another exceptional addition to the English Whisky Company’s line up. Worth enjoying whether celebrating St George o not!

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