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Coming out of an era of innovation at the Jameson Distillery is the new Triple Triple, a triple distilled, triple matured Irish Whiskey.

New Horizons for Irish Whiskey

Everyone seems to be drinking Irish Whiskey these days. Or at least, that’s what the boom in Irish Whiskey would have us believe. Shiny new distilleries are popping up all over the place, and old brands are breathing new life into their ranges.

Jameson, as always, are leading the cause. They have been around since 1780. Despite the massive fall in interest in Irish Whiskey during the 20th century, they have continued to thrive.

It makes sense that they would be at the forefront of the movement. It’s encouraging to see that they have adapted to new competition rather than shrinking away from it.

As well as developing their customer experience with new distillery experiences and lots of events, the distillery have expanded their range. Many distilleries are facing competition and dealing with it through innovation. Jameson are doing just that. Rather than relying on their popularity, they are developing new and exciting Whiskies, trying what they’ve not done before.

Jameson Triple Triple – Part of a family

Jameson has been releasing wonderfully intriguing malts for years now. They are challenging norms and changing how they have often made malts for innovative and different techniques.

The perfect example of this is with their Caskmates range. This collection brings together various different maturing techniques to create something a little beyond the norm.

So far they have released malts that have been matured in IPA and stout casks. And while other brands are doing similar things, Jameson just seem to be doing it better.

Now, with their Triple Triple, we are yet again seeing what tricks they have up their sleeves to wow the Whiskey world again.

Tasting Notes for Jameson Triple Triple Irish Whiskey

Matured in BourbonSherry and Málaga casks, this malt has been distilled three times for smoothness and matured three times for flavour.

It opens with fresh orchard notes of pears, dew covered grass and oak wood. This develops into a spicy and slightly sweet flavour, with lots of warmth fro the Málaga wine. Citrus fruits really come through and add a lovely zesty bite to the overall aroma.

The palate is deep and elegant, with lots more fruit notes. Orchards of flavour are filled with apples, pears, figs, raisins, apricots and oranges. Bushfuls of blackberries, red currents and raspberries bring in a lovely tart flavour as well.

Oak wood comes through quite strongly as well, with a sweet vanilla and caramel note. It is super smooth and flavoursome.

In the background there is a delicate hint of mahogany wood and dark, bitter chocolate, adding a little bit of depth.

The finish is strong and spicy, with hints of oak.

Jameson have brought us another brilliant malt and the third maturation cannot be faulted. Worth seeking out to better understand the landscape of Irish Whiskey and the exceptional state of Jameson at the same time.

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