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The Punch Room bar within the London Edition is the first UK bar to choose a Personal Selection barrel from the Woodford Reserve distillery in Louisville, Kentucky.

The Personal Selection Barrel program allows consumers to pick the batch that suits their palette, allowing one to bottle the flavors they love most in Woodford Reserve.

NidalRamini, Head of Brand Advocacy in Northern Europe for Brown-Forman, comments “We were honoured to launch the Woodford Reserve Personal Selection Barrel programme at The Punch Room in the London EDITION earlier this month. We collaborated with them due to their great support of the brand and we hope to continue developing our relationship with them for years to come. We encourage bars and whiskey connoisseurs worldwide to join the programme and take advantage of this amazing opportunity to create their own unique blends of Woodford Reserve”.

The London Edition’s Personal Selection Barrel was the culmination of the Punch on the Road tour of the US in May last year, where the Punch Room team visited New York, Louisville Kentucky and Chicago within the space of a week, all with help of Woodford Reserve. The Punch Room team made their drinks at the finest bars in these cities – and since then The Punch Room and Woodford have collaborated to visit the best bars of Oslo, Stockholm and Amsterdam.

It’s important to note that the Woodford Reserve Personal Selection does not create a single barrel product, instead it is a chance for customers to blend their own, unique Woodford Reserve, meaning that it is 100% bespoke. The Punch Room team were presented with 12 different barrel samples grouped into 6 x 2 selections. They tasted them individually, and then together, to decide which two they’d like to blend together to create their perfect batch.

The Punch Room’s Personal Selection Barrel has the same mash bill as Woodford Reserve Distillers Select (18% rye, along with 10% barley and 72% corn) and is 45.2% AB

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