Top 5 Whiskey Bars in Louisville, Kentucky

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Where better to get your Bourbon on than in Kentucky? It is the epicentre of the Bourbon world (just don’t tell Texas) and is home to some of the biggest and best brands.

So if you’re ever there, you’re going to want to try some of these whiskey bars in Kentucky out. They’ll give you a real taste of what good Kentucky Bourbon is and show you how to enjoy it.

1. Haymarket

The Haymarket is fantastically famous, and is considered one of the best bars in the world. This is on top of being one of the best Whiskey bars in Kentucky. It is well worth a look in, especially for the over 400 Bourbons they have.

They aren’t big into cocktails but certainly serve the classics. And if you’re in Kentucky then you’re going to want to have your Bourbon neat anyway. And if that’s the case, then this is the place for you.

The back bar is well stocked with Bourbons and Whiskies, including some private selections.

The bar itself is classed as a dive bar, and definitely has an easy going nature. That being said, it has an incredibly impressive collection of Whiskies.

2. proof

Nestled beside the 21c Museum and Hotel and the Proof on Main restaurant, Proof has a big family legacy to live up to.

And it certainly does that, especially where the Bourbon collection is concerned.

The list is extensive and even includes some bottlings created specifically got Proof on Main, so a trip here will definitely end in something you’ve never tried before. These bottlings even include Whiskies by Van Winkle and Woodford Reserve, making it a mecca for Bourbon fans.

The cocktail menu is intriguing, and again, you will find lots of combinations that you’ve tried before. It is updated regularly with cocktails inspired by the 21c museum and art gallery.

3. down one

Down One has an amazing 120 Bourbons on their list. That definitely makes them one of the best Whiskey bars in Kentucky.

The Bourbons are divided into Pre-Prohibition, Post-Prohibition, and Modern eras, with each one being included on the cocktail list.

The atmosphere is exciting and lively, with a warm welcome available to every customer. Come for the Whiskey and stay for the company.

4. The Silver Dollar

Classed as a “honky-tonk”, which to us Brits means a bar that specialises in country music.

It is a really amazing glimpse into Southern life and you will not forget what state you’re in while you’re here.

The Bourbon collection is pretty huge. It has 400 bottles and around 200 Kentucky Bourbons.

The Silver Dollar is highly recommended if you want an authentic Southern American experience with some high class Bourbons to wash it down with.


Doc Crow’s has the privilege of being the only bar on this list that is actually located on Whiskey Row. So as well as a good drink, you’ll also have a good view.

It is a Southern bar at its heart, serving incredible Southern cuisine with some brilliant drinks.

As well as a wide selection of Bourbons, they also have Bourbon barrel aged beer, so whatever your tipple you’ll definitely find something to enjoy here.

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  1. I need to assume that all these are in Louisville, since you don’t mention any cities. All of the top whiskey bars are in one city, or is Louisville the only city you visited?


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