The Perfect Drams for a Whisky Ginger

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The Whisky Ginger is a simple yet effective cocktail, especially if you get the right malt to go in it.

With a sweet and spicy side, there is nothing more you could ask for from a cocktail, and we want to make sure you’re enjoying it the right way.

It is made from Whisky, ginger ale and lime, to form an ideal combination.

Here are our top five drams to enjoy the perfect Whisky Ginger!

1. Jameson

Bottle cost: £23.45

Jameson is the ultimate when it comes to making a Whisky Ginger. In fact, another name for the cocktail is the Irish Buck, which is made specifically with Jameson. Jameson has a sweet, fruity flavour profile with lots of spice in it. There are lots of oranges and orchard fruits, which go perfectly well with the earthy heat of the ginger ale.

2. The GreatDrams Ardmore

Bottle cost: £50

Bottled especially for Great Drams from Douglas Laing and limited to only 299 bottles, this is an exclusive Whisky with a wonderfully bright flavour profile. It is ideal for a Whisky Ginger, bringing in a subtle waft of smoke alongside rich honey and pineapple notes. The citrus tang sits perfectly alongside lime and ginger and the smoke adds a great depth overall.

3. Auchentoshan Three Wood

Bottle cost: £48.75

Matured in three types of casks including Pedro Ximenez, Oloroso Sherry and Bourbon, this is excellent malt. The sweet vanilla from the Bourbon, alongside the spice of the Sherry really makes the ginger ale come alive. The complexity and variety in the flavour profile makes for a really elegant and equally complex cocktail.

4. Dewar’s 12

Bottle cost: £32.95

Lots of fruit flavours and sweet nuts make this dram perfect for a Whisky Ginger. Hazelnuts and almonds abound and mix well with the ginger. They add a nice woody, earthy quality that brings out a lot of similar flavours in the ginger. It also has a lovely malted cereals note that combines with the spices and really lets them bounce off it.

5. The Balvenie 14 Peat Week

Bottle cost: £54.13

Packed with vanilla, honey and citrus fruits, and of course a fantastic waft of peat, this dram brings out all the warming, spicy qualities in a Whisky Ginger. The honey is really thick and natural and adds a delicious sweetness to the tang of the citrus. The vanilla also goes well with this combination of flavours and allows the spices to come alive.

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