The BalvenieTun 1509 – Batch 6 Vatted Scotch Whisky

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An exciting release of the 6th batch of vatted malt from the Balvenie Distillery.


If you’re not familiar with the term, it means the blending of Single Malts to create a final vatted whisky. It is similar to a blend but can only contain single malts, and is sometimes known as Pure Malt.

BalvenieTun 1509

A Tun is a type of barrel used to vat whisky, meaning it is quite large in size. In fact, the BalvenieTun 1509 would have had to be able to hold all 21 casks of whisky that went into making the final product.

A range of different cask finishes were used, including ex-Bourbon barrels, refill sherry butts and barrels that had once finished the Balvenie Double Wood expression.

The casks were hand picked by David Stewart, who is Balvenie Malt Master. He describes the whisky as “maple syrup, candied orange and runny honey”.

He continues, “Batch 6 is a truly remarkable liquid that showcases gorgeous character and rich depth produced during the marrying process.This expression is sure to have whisky enthusiasts excited, much like the last Tun 1509 series we released a year ago.”

Tasting notes for The BalvenieTun 1509 - Batch 6 Vatted Scotch Whisky

This is the 6th batch to be released from Tun 1509 and is an excellent addition to the line up.

The nose begins with notes of honey, floral notes and oak spices. It is well developed and full of flavour. The honey is rich and sweet and goes perfectly with a thick caramel note that comes through. Oak wood and cinnamon spice add brilliant layers of complexity.

The palate is saccharine and sweet. Toasted brown sugar, apple crumble and lots of caramel take over. It is smooth and gentle. Honey comes out vividly, bolstered by a vanilla laced oak wood. Sweet oranges and clementines add a lovely zest to the overall flavour.

The finish is bold and full of cinnamon and clove spice. The end is warming and sweet.

This is one of the best releases from the BalvenieTun 1509 collection and is an interesting exploration into the merits of vatting whisky. Definitely worth seeking out to try.

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