Bulleit Bourbon Barrel Strength Whiskey Review

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Currently only available in Kentucky, Bulleit Bourbon Barrel Strength is a brilliant American Whiskey that you’ll wish was available in your local.

The Brand

Bulleit have quite recently become very popular, despite being around for 30 years – or almost 200 years, depending on how you look at it. The original recipe was created by Augustus Bulleit in 1830, who began making and selling Bulleit Bourbon across the states. It was an interesting malt as it had a high rye content in the mash bill.

Unfortunately, Augustus disappeared while transporting barrels and the brand more or less ended there. That was until 1987, when his great-great-grandson, Thomas E. Bulleit Jr. pursued his dream of reviving the family brand. He created a small batch and recognised its quality immediately. From here he built Bulleit Frontier Whiskey as we know it today, with a little help from Diageo, who now own the brand, along the way.

Tasting notes for the Bulleit Bourbon Barrel Strength

Bulleit Bourbon appeals to many Whiskey drinkers due to its high rye content, meaning both Rye and Bourbon fans can appreciate it.

Their Barrel Strength Bourbon is not for the faint hearted, with a very high proof of between 118-125, but it is worth it. It even secured a gold medal at the San Francisco Spirit Competition.

It has been tested on various bartenders around the world, when it was toured by Thomas Bulleit before he launched it in Kentucky.

The nose opens with lots of vanilla and oak. There is a soft warming sensation that really brings out the sweet notes as well as cinnamon and nutmeg. The sweet and spice melt together to combine into a wonderfully well rounded aroma.

On the palate the vanilla becomes thicker, more like caramel, and adds a smooth mouth feel. The spices become more earthy, with a little bit of dew covered grass coming in. this goes perfectly with the oak wood, which is slightly charred and toasted to taste.

The higher rye content gives it a spicier edge than most Bourbons, but it is well combined, with all the flavours mixing and none being too overwhelming.

The finish is bold, with lots more vanilla and oak, and a final kick of cinnamon heat.

This is simply a brilliant American Whiskey, with all the elements of a good rye, combined with the best parts of a great Bourbon.

What do you think of Bulleit Bourbon Barrel Strength? Let us know in the comments!

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