Penderyn Distillery Rich Oak Single Malt Welsh Whisky

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The gem in the crown of Welsh whisky releases an intriguing Rich Oak whisky as part of their Gold range of single malts.

Welsh Whisky

Up until recently Penrderyn were the only working Welsh whisky distillery. Now there is at least one more, Aber Falls, in north Wales, which is due to release its first malt in 2021. Being at opposite ends of the country, it doesn’t seem as though Penderyn and Aber Falls will be too much in competition with each other.

Penderyn Distillery has been operating since 2004, which relative to a lot of distilleries south of the Scottish border, is actually quite a long time. In that time they have released some brilliant malts and shown exactly how good Welsh whisky can be.

The Gold Range

Alongside their Dragon, Icons of Wales and single cask/limited editions, Penderyn have the Gold Range. This is a really innovative and fascinating range that explores different type of woods and casks, and the effect they have on Penderyn’s single malts.

So far the range includes Madeira, Portwood, Peated, Sherrywood, Rich Oak and a second Portwood called the Grand Slam, in honour of Welsh Rugby Union and the Welsh team winning the Grand Slam in 2019.

Tasting Notes for Penderyn Distillery Rich Oak Single Malt Welsh Whisky

Bottle cost: £42.95

Rich Oak Single Malt has been matured in bourbon casks before being finished in different European oak, ex-wine casks.

The nose begins with wonderful notes of caramel, treacle and oak wood. Orchard fruits, bananas and a warming cinnamon notes waft through, adding a lovely depth to the overall aroma.

The palate is sophisticated. It is full of sweet nuts, marzipan and dark chocolate. Caramel and vanilla give is a lovely richness, with oak wood and cinnamon adding a nice earthy note. It is very well developed and has a smooth mouth feel.

The finish is soft and sweet with a final note of vanilla and oak.

This is an excellent edition in the Gold Range and one that we will be going back to time and time again.

Do you enjoy Welsh whisky? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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